Agile Development

If you’re looking for a website developer, they really aren’t hard to find. You don’t want just ANY developer, however. You need one who genuinely welcomes your input every step of the way and is willing to incorporate the changes you desire.

Here’s why choosing a developer who’s flexible with your change requests is your wisest choice.

The developer is listening right from the start

Just because the developer is willing to work with your changes doesn’t mean they want to be doing a bunch of them. They’d rather have a few changes to make as possible. That’s why they’ll encourage you from the outset to share as much as you can about what you need in terms of the functionality of each aspect of the finished product.

They will take keen note of what you want and make suggestions based on their experience. Then, through dialog, they’ll develop the initial outline of your website.

You’re kept abreast of each stage’s progress

A developer who’s open to requests for change knows it’s best to incorporate them as the job progresses. This efficient approach ensures that the client is satisfied with one stage before moving on to devote resources to the next stage.

Working on small portions of the project and allowing you to vet each one is the type of client-centric approach you will get from a developer who applies Agile development methodologies. You can visit, if you’d like an in-depth look at working the Agile way.

The developer values your feedback

Your review of the working model at the end of each stage is a vital part of the development process. The developer looks forward to your feedback (including requests for change) since it will guide their work on the upcoming portion of the job.

Each new stage in the project incorporates your change requests (as much as it is practical to do so) with the developer tweaking and refining the product to suit your specifications.

And the best part is that whether the developer is from a Drupal Development Company or uses some other web framework, your constant review and feedback reduces the number of changes which are requested as time goes by.

That’s great news for both of you and the developer!

The final product is exactly what you want

The constant collaboration between client and developer, which the Agile model promotes, makes it much more likely that you will be completely satisfied with the final product. After all, you were involved every step of the way and allowed to guide the project’s progress.

Admittedly, there is the chance that you will hit upon minor areas you want changing once the website is up and fully functional. Your developer will most likely consent to this …to a point. Just don’t expect them to agree to make changes ad infinitum. So be sure to inquire about the support packages they offer.

As you shortlist possible developers of your website, ask how each feel about and treats clients’ requests for change. Gauge their responses using the knowledge we’ve just shared and you’re sure to find the ideal candidate for the job.