Exit Intent Popup: A Valuable Tool For Growing Your eLearning Business?

In today’s tech-savvy environment, every business seems to be selling their products or services to us in some way or the other over the Internet. While some might do it in the form of email marketing, you may come across others like eLearning companies who may opt for popup banner ads for the same. As the name suggests, popup banner ads are the ones that communicate a promotional message and popup in between when the user is browsing a web page. On one hand, where most types of pop-ups are considered to be intrusive in nature, there is one that compels users to stay on the web page, i.e. exit-intent popup. 

Exit intent popup is a kind of popup banner ad which appears when a user tries to bounce off the page. The aim of this type of popup is to retain users on that particular web page. It can be extremely valuable for eLearning companies and all other businesses as it can help remind users the last minute about any special offers or even provide them with a coupon or discount they were looking for. Most successful marketers use eLearning popup banner ads and have been generating enough revenue for their business. Let’s have a look at how. 

What is exit-intent technology?

The exit-intent popup banner ad works on the exit intent technology which is the simple technique of tracking mouse movements of users on a particular web page. This implies that as a user points his/her cursor away from the web page, the technology is activated and a popup will appear. You’ll be able to better comprehend it with the GIF below. 

Exit Intent Popup

The above illustration is the perfect example of how exit intent technology works in the eLearning domain and the way it can work wonders. While the user is about to exit from the landing page, an exit-intent popup appears which offers a free case study on ‘ways to increase your organic search traffic’. 

This helps provide an edge to your eLearning business and increase the ROI. However, users must note that this technology isn’t supported by mobile as there’s no cursor available on mobile phones. But, worry not! There’s something that can work along the lines of it and that is the inactivity sensor. 

Quite similar to the exit-intent technology for desktop, the inactivity sensor senses inactivity on a web page and then it shows the exit-intent popup banner based on the user’s behaviour.

How do e-learning businesses benefit from exit-intent popups?

Don’t you marketers dread the scenario wherein your target audience adds certain items to the cart and then abandons it for some reason? This not only makes businesses lose a customer but also a customer misses out on products he/she wanted to order.

To help you overcome this fear, the solution of exit-intent popups comes into play. As users leave your web page or website, a pop-up banner appears which convinces them to stay. It can either be a discount coupon on the course they were looking for or any other incentive like offering them to download an ebook which in line to their interests or simply it can inform them about the next part of the course they had recently undertaken. The idea is to offer something benefitting and valuable as this attracts the customers. This not only reduces bounce rates significantly but also helps search engine rankings grow. As it is, the biggest takeaway is offered by businesses to prospects which helps them achieve their desired marketing goals.