Apple files iPhone and iPad patent lawsuit against Samsung Galaxy S Phone and Tab. Now, Samsung is all ready to take on this challenge seriously. This was expected and doesn’t come as a surprise to me. Rather, Apple not filing any such lawsuit could have come as a surprise to me. And why not? Since the day I first saw a TV commercial for this newer Samsung Galaxy touch phone, it reminded me of an iPhone and then came the Samsung Galaxy Tab which reminded me of an iPad.

While many of you might agree to above, we should also consider that Apple’s iPhone and iPad actually did set up a wonderful benchmark for touch Smartphones and tablets. They were the pioneers in these gadget categories and players coming into the market after Apple are naturally going to get inspired by the technology and try to match with it to be able to sustain in the market.

Samsung on the other hand tried their best to match up with the qualitative benchmarks set by Apple in their iPhone and iPad. Samsung is using ANDROID, an open source mobile OS for their devices while Apple is using their proprietary iOS for their devices.

According to AFB news on Google

SEOUL — Samsung Electronics said Tuesday it would take counter-action against Apple after the US firm filed suit alleging that the South Korean giant copied its smartphones and tablet computers.

Apple’s lawsuit claims Samsung’s mobile phones and Galaxy Tab imitated the iPhone and the iPad.

“Samsung will respond actively to this legal action taken against us through appropriate legal measures to protect our intellectual property,” the South Korean firm said in a statement. Samsung has been successfully developing its own core technologies and building up its intellectual property portfolio, it said.

Yonhap news agency quoted Samsung officials as saying they suspect Apple had violated Samsung’s wireless technology patents.

“Apple is one of our key buyers of semiconductors and display panels. However, we have no choice but respond strongly this time,” an unidentified official was quoted as saying.

Apple was Samsung’s second-largest client in 2010 after Japan’s Sony Corp, accounting for four percent of the South Korean firm’s 155 trillion won ($142 billion) annual revenues.

Apple accused Samsung of copying the look, product design, packaging and user interface of its products, in a lawsuit filed Friday with a US District Court in San Francisco and quoted by the Wall Street Journal.
It claimed Samsung has violated various Apple patents and trademarks.

“Rather than innovate and develop its own technology and a unique Samsung style for its smart phone products and computer tablets, Samsung chose to copy Apple’s technology, user interface and innovative style in these infringing products,” the Journal quoted Apple’s complaint as saying.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab has been the best-selling rival to the iPad, which has dominated the growing market for the touchscreen devices.

The legal action came as Samsung is scheduled to release the Galaxy S2 smartphone in the domestic market next week.

Patent lawsuits are a regular occurrence among technology giants in the United States. Apple is currently embroiled in disputes with Finland’s Nokia, Taiwan’s HTC and US handset maker Motorola among others.

Apple’s design and technology are way ahead of anyone in the market now. But Apple should open up a little more to offer flexible device functionalities to suit and match up with the competition than keeping things in a tight little box hence onwards. Samsung Galaxy S has managed to attract more non-techie buyers, which in Apple’s case is very less.

Apple’s iTunes App developer rules are too strict. It all lead to give birth to Jailbreaking and Cydia (Alternative to iTunes store). Now Apple has also filed a case against jailbreaking but then it was made legal on different grounds still Apple is insisting on reviewing that lawsuit.

Remember, Samsung Galaxy S does not need Jailbreaking nor it needs any software hack to Unlock their phones for using them with non-partner carriers.

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Details of complaint filed by Apple against Samsung

Here is a link to a PDF containing details about the complaint filed by Apple against Samsung demonstrating various aspects of initial iPhone design and imitations made by Samsung. See PDF from Apple Press Release information dated 15th April 2011


I am not the right person to decide whether Apple or Samsung is right. Let the qualified officials do their job in this case. Meanwhile, I would like to know your thoughts about Apple’s overall policy and do you think Samsung has copied Apple’s technology? Comments awaited.


Apple has won this patent lawsuit against Samsung however, now the case is in upper court & further hearings & final verdict is awaited.


  1. @Tushar: I just hope that it won’t affect the scheduled release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. I can’t wait to get a grab of that awesome tablet.

    • @Nelson: Yeah, it must be awesome. I don’t think it will be delayed if they (Samsung) haven’t done anything wrong 🙂


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