The Rise Of Mobile Trading In The Digital Age

Mobile trading has been on an amazing ascendancy since it is shown explicitly and came into limelight. Mobile trading ranging from forex trading to cryptocurrency and many more.  In time past, many would not have envisioned the possibility of doing one or multiple trades while pleasuring or combining many other things simultaneously.

Mobile trading has gone from phase to phase. There was a time when trading had to be done specifically at certain venues when trading was only limited to Personal computers with a limited number of brokers. With an excellent internet connection and good power supply powering your personal computer and phones, you can enter and exit trades at your own convenience. As a matter of fact, mobile trading allows traders to choose the specific duration of trading. Forex, for example, has charts for durations like hourly, weekly and monthly. This wide range of time durations enables any trader to choose whichever time frame of trade that they find most suitable.

There are more than 4 million retail forex traders around the globe. Nearly 3 million of those are in Asia and Europe, with a smaller number for the U.S. With these large numbers, the potential for mobile trading to continue growing is significant.

Mobile trading has been made so easy that to start forex, for instance, a capital as low as $25 can be used to start. Gone are the days when you needed to be a very rich person to invest in forex. As a matter of fact, demos have been created in mobile trading to help those who would love to be a trader but are scared of taking the necessary skills to practice extremely well and become experts at interpreting charts as well as comparing signals.

On Instagram today, signals are given out free of charge by highly experienced traders in forex and cryptocurrency to help others trade effectively. Mobile trading has evolved so much that social media platforms are plagued with different brokers offering the best deals to attract traders to them. For instance, for all clients who open their first real account, XM offers a sum of $30 as a trading bonus to test the XM products and services without necessarily making an initial deposit. In previous years, these kinds of offers were a luxury to find. Apart from free signals being shared on social media platforms, lots of mobile traders now advertise various tutorials on forex and cryptocurrency. Some even make ads to persuade people to make investments with them to be used to invest in forex and cryptocurrency. Such is the vast amount of growth and transition that mobile trading has experienced.

Mobile trading apps like Metatrader4 have become quick access and easy to use applications for the sake of an enjoyable trading escapade in forex. These apps come with definite settings that have allowed traders in recent times to add technical analysis indicators such as RSI, Fibonacci extension and retracement, Bollinger and many more.

Mobile trading has come with lots of unimaginable benefits helping the evolution of trading currencies. Some of these benefits involve


Mobile phones are easily accessible and potentially have ease of connection to the internet at any time and any place. Mobile phones have ready to use connectivity to cellular networks that are greatly advantageous to trading.


The mobile trading app has put up some intense security measures to ensure that in the course of mobile trading, a third party doesn’t have undue access to it. These measures have made traders feel safer and secure while trading.

In conclusion, the rapid growth of mobile trading is an indication of the awareness that has been created about it particularly on social media. In many years from now, at this rate of growth, a rather significant portion of the population will be engaging in mobile trading