Instagram Auto Comment, What Is it?

Social media is the fastest growing industry, thanks to you and other Instagram users. Everything is changing from the time it was introduced to the public up to now. What was once easy for brands as well as ordinary individuals is now more difficult. More people are now having an awareness that with your Instagram posts, you can use Instagram auto comments to engage your followers.

Auto comment is a great way to get potential followers to check out your Instagram profile. Simply add your comments and they will be automatically sent to target Instagram posts.

Who doesn’t like a nice comment on their post? Your followers will appreciate that you engaged with them. In addition, your target audience will be curious to see who commented on their post. In this way, you can earn more followers and likes using auto comment. So, make use of Instagram auto comment for your new post.

Why use Instagram auto comment?

With accurate targeting, an Instagram auto comment is likely to be the easiest and fastest way to gain new followers. All you have to do is to add a list of comments that you like to send and let auto comment do the rest.

Commenting on your follower’s posts is also a good way to stay engaged and on top of their minds. Sending out Instagram auto comments makes sure that your profile is getting the maximum exposure possible. In other words more fans, followers and also sales.

Once the Instagram auto comment is running, your target audience will see that you left a comment. After that, they will check out your profile and follow you back if they like your content.

Target your auto comments

Target your auto comments

There are multiple ways to target your Instagram auto comment. Use hashtags, locations and other Instagram profiles they are Liking or following such as your competition.

If you feel that you need to fine-tune your Instagram auto comments targeting or activity settings, there are many more ways to do so as well.

We recommend reviewing the activity logs often. This will make sure your auto comments are sent to the right people. You will also gain lots of Instagram followers in a short period of time.

Immediately you save the settings, the auto comment will begin to comment on your target audience which brings tons of exposure to your Instagram profile.

Keep track of all the comments that are sent out in the logs. This is a good way to know if your targeting is accurate or needs some work. If you notice that you’re commenting on irrelevant profiles, review your targeting for maximum growth.

How to automate your Instagram

How to automate your Instagram

There’s a very good reason you might want to automate your Instagram activities. Instagram, like all social media platforms, can be time-consuming.

I personally find Instagram more time-consuming than normal social media platforms specifically because of its image-based nature. There is simply no or little time to fully engage your followers personally and to keep up with the day’s trends.

You have to work to keep your feed coherent and consistent and that’s a lot more work than tweeting the same number of times per day. You need to automate your feeds by using the Instagram auto comment to fully engage your followers all day.

There are three ways one can automate Instagram posting and engagement:

  • Auto-commenting on others’ posts
  • Scheduling posts
  • Auto-liking others’ posts

Even scheduling Instagram posts can be handled in two different ways once the posts are prepared.

  • The software posts for you just like any other platform’s scheduling process.
  • The scheduling software sends a push notification to your device. You then have to finish the posting process on your phone or tablet manually.

What is safe to automate?

Scheduling with the push notification is safe to automate. It’s completely reasonable if you want to plan your content in advance. Especially if you want to ensure a cohesive feed that accommodates most followers.

This can alleviate some of the pressure of posting at the moment. What makes this kind of automation different is that it’s not violating Instagram’s terms of service and it’s not only about engaging with people.

Using an auto comment to help you search on your targeted hashtags, a form of social listening is also a good idea. It works as long as you respond or comment manually.

Benefits of auto comment

Benefits of auto comment

Before thinking of auto commenting, it would be best if you understand what you are about to do. You have to know the benefits that you and your business can get if you agree to try the automatic Instagram comments.

To make it easier for you, here are some of the benefits that you reap out of this offer.

  1. There will be an increase in the number of likes and comments on the images that are posted within a month. Remember that the more likes and comments your post receive the more achievement you will gain.
  2. Since you are gaining popularity as your posts receive more likes and comments, you will, in turn, have more followers. When your followers increase because of the increase in comments and likes on your posts, relationships will be built.
  3. You will be able to build a connection with more of your followers. Just remember to keep the communication lines open all the time so they would be able to contact you more easily. They can also be able to ask questions about your offers and services.

Final thoughts

So what are you waiting for? Give your business marketing strategy a head start. For just a small amount, the growth of your Instagram account is definitely worth it.

It will save you time and money for spending on other marketing strategies. More businesses are reaping their benefits with automatic comments on Instagram.

Enjoy the benefits of auto commenting while making good use of your time.  Let Instagram auto comment do the job for you.  Automatically engage your followers on Instagram so that you can gain more followers.