It’s a new year and it’s time to start focusing on all of the upcoming music festivals once again. You have Coachella, Summerfest and Lollapalooza just to name a few, but none of that means anything if you’re going to end up being single.

Music was never meant to be enjoyed alone. I know a lot of you are sitting there saying, I listen to music alone all the time, and you are absolutely right. Yet, you share your favorite songs with all of your friends and listen to anything that they suggest to you.

Music was created as a way to bring people together, to convey a message or an emotion and to have fun. Let Spritzr, the hottest android matchmaking app in your app store, help you make the connection you’re looking for.

How Spritzr Works

Unlike the other iTunes dating apps you have on your phone, Spritzr is a matchmaking app that sets users in control. That means that it turns your friends into love gurus to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Whether you are looking for Mrs. Right or Mr. Right-now, this matchmaker app can help. Any matches that your friends send to you will be perfect to bring along to any of this year’s music festivals. Since this is a “friend of a friend” type of situation, you can use the festival as a kind of neutral ground.

You, your date and your friends can all hang out, enjoy the music and get a glimpse into the potential that your mutual friend sees.

The worst-case scenario is you get to make a lot of new friends and have fun hanging out, listening to great music. The best-case scenario is that you and date slip away from the group to have a little alone time and really explore the potential of this connection.

Be sure to check out Spritzr before summer is over.


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