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How To Share Confidential Information Safely

One of the most valuable assets to a business is its confidential information. Whether it’s their own data or information that could give them...

Windows 8 Release Date To Be Somewhere in October / November...

Microsoft may release Windows 8 and it's tablets in October / November 2012 with their own branding to take advantage of this Holiday Season
Top 5 Affordable Laptop Range from Rs. 25,000+ or $450+ (As of November 2011)

Top 5 Affordable Laptop Range from Rs. 25,000+ or $450+ (As...

Guide to buy an affordable, high performing range for laptops at approximate range of $450. Here is a list of my top picks so far.
Steva Jobs, Apple and their greatest Technology innovations till date

Steve Jobs, Apple and their 13 greatest Technology innovations

13 greatest technology innovations created by Steve Jobs and his Apple team that completely changed the face of Computers and Smartphones

Microsoft Windows 8 Editions Announced! See Comparison Inside

Microsoft silently announced Windows 8 editions. Here is a chart showing Windows 8 edition features comparison to help you pick one.

Vantec NexStar WiFi HDD Dock NST-D306WS3 (Features & Review)

Recently I got the Vantec NexStar USB & WiFI HDD Dock from Prime ABGB store to connect some of my old SATA hard disks...

Windows 8 Release Preview version available for download!

Microsoft has released Windows 8 Release Preview version for download. You can install this latest Windows 8 beta and try it out.

First batch of $25 & $35 Raspberry Pi Computers are being...

Raspberry Pi is a $25-$35 low-cost Linux computer system, ideally designed by Raspberry Pi Foundation for learning computer programming
Portable Document Scanner AV50F launched by Avision

Portable Document Scanner AV50F launched by Avision

Avision launched portable document scanner AV50F with ability to scan 15 pages to 30 pictures per minute and single-click scanning for multiple documents

How to Restore Deleted Files From Recycle Bin With Data Recovery...

In modern times, nothing shoots up the blood pressure like losing some important data from your computer. The Murphy’s Law kicks in exactly when...

Getting Started With VMware On IBM Cloud

Today we’ll take a look into setting up the VMware on IBM Cloud that offers deployment & management of the platform. In 2016, VMware...
Improved Right-click Context Menu

5 Features You Will Love In New Windows 8.1 ‘Update 1’

Microsoft is listening to the user feedback & wants to send a positive signal to the users, especially those using the conventional PC hardware...
Improving Field Productivity With The Help Of Construction Tech

Improving Field Productivity With The Help Of Construction Tech

Gone are the days when the construction industry talked about hard labor, steel, brick, and mortar. In modern times, the technology in the construction...