Are Exam Dumps the Best Preparation Tool for Microsoft 70-740 Certification Test?

Becoming a Windows Server 2016 expert requires you to understand the technologies used. This is possible through profound study and respective exams that demonstrate your mastery of these technologies. Success involves attaining a specific passing score that can only be achievable through hard work. The Microsoft 70-740 testis what you need to start your journey towards the mastery of the Windows Server 2016 system. This article has been prepared to help you learn more about this certification exam. We will also share great tips and tricks to help you go through your studies and eventually get the best score in the 70-740 test.

Exam Overview

The 70-740 exam is designed for the candidates whose goal is to achieve the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 credential. It is among the three tests needed to acquire this certificate. You have to pass it first before passing the other two, which are Microsoft70-741 and Microsoft 70-742 test questions.

Those individuals who take the Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016 exam are expected to be able to perform certain tasks. They include installation, creation, and management of images meant for the deployment in the Windows Server 2016 environment. They need to be knowledgeable and experienced in the following areas:

  • Installation of Windows Servers in host environments;
  • Installation of Windows Servers in compute environments;
  • Storage solutions implementation;
  • Implementing Hyper-V;
  • Windows containers implementation;
  • Implementing high availability;
  • Maintaining server environments;
  • Monitoring server environments.

These are the topics to guide the candidates who have to prepare for 40-60 exam questions that take up to 2 hours to complete. There is a number of question formats that the students should expect to be included in the test. They are drag and drop, short answer, best answer, case studies, active screen, multiple-choice, review screen, and fill-in-the-blank. Other requirements for the Microsoft 70-740 exam include the fee of $165 and the passing score of 700 points. The overall points for the test are 1000.

Tips and Tricks

Getting to the top requires that you apply simple but effective exam prep strategies. Developing your memory within a short time may be difficult though. That is why it is important to begin your preparation process at least some weeks before the actual day of the test.

The best way to start it is by learning the number and type of exam questions to expect. You also need to learn the subjects that are most likely to refer while taking the test. As you move to the next step of sourcing for the best prep materials, you need to know why it is important to pay attention to what you want to remember.

Recommended materials include books, training courses, video tutorials, practice tests, and braindumps. While going through the topics guided by these prep resources, you need to be able to capture facts and recall them when you need to.

Another critical fact to consider during preparation is taking care of your nutrition and having enough rest. These two will affect your learning in one way or another. Proper meals and sufficient rest are crucial to your exam prep. You need to take breaks during your 70-740 exam study. This will support you in memorizing facts and topics.

Your learning should also be approached through many angles. For some students, visual types of materials like pictures work best, while for others learning through theory does it. If you learn best through pictures and charts, then it is best to create ones that will represent the information you want to remember. You can use graphics or draw diagrams, which will help you visualize whatever you are learning.

Another great learning option is taking notes. You can handwrite them or use digital apps that allow you to note down what you’re studying. These apps include Evernote, Boostnote, Microsoft OneNote, and Quip. It is usually easier to remember what you write down by yourself.

Reading alone will not be sufficient enough for passing your exam. You also need to practice what you are learning. This will help you understand facts that you may have found hard to understand through reading or watching tutorials. The practicing resources for Microsoft 70-740 include the usage of previous exam questions. This involves answering questions and then checking your performance later through the answers usually included with the practice questions.

You need the Exam-Labs website that can give you this convenience. You will be able to practice and identify your areas of strengths and weaknesses. You can do this as many times as possible until you fully understand all the facts and concepts needed for the test.

Another reliable method to use in actively preparing for your exam is practical labs. Hands-on labs are specifically meant for helping you acquire experience in readiness for the exam and also for your tasks at work. This approach ensures that at the end of your studies and after passing your certification test, you will be in a position to use your expertise in solving challenges in real-world based scenarios.

Study Resources

After learning the tips that can aid you in passing your test, it is important to know which resources can work well for Microsoft 70-740. Here is the list of best resources from the official Microsoft website and the Exam-Labs platform to help you get equipped:

  • Exam Ref 70-740 Study Guide;
  • Infrastructure, Basic Storage, and Virtualization Online Training;
  • Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016 Instructor-Led Prep Course;
  • Microsoft 70-740 Exam Dumps, Video Tutorials, and Study Guide from Exam-Labs.


By following these tips and tricks and making use of the mentioned resources for the Microsoft 70-740 exam preparation, you will be able to attain what you want. Exam readiness takes time and requires a lot of patience. It also requires courage, hard work, and diligence. Capturing all the required facts for the test will not come easy, but it is worth applying every effort possible. After all, it is about achieving what you have always wanted. That is why don’t be afraid of any failure, take the Microsoft 70-740 exam and pass it with flying colors.