I am liking the way Microsoft is pushing their latest Windows 8 in a step-by-step process to the consumers & trying to build confidence in them. Something, I never knew before about the company.

Microsoft has now made available the Release Preview version – again, this is a under-development version like Consumer Preview but a little more marinated after first responses.

Windows 8 Release Preview works on the same system requirements and only advanced PC users who loves to try latest software or latest Windows should try installing this version.

PS: Do not install this on a production PC. Because, this is a development version – it may crash your PC or you may lose important files during the trial.

Download Windows 8 Release Preview

Here is a download link for Windows 8 RP

You can find Product Key for Windows 8 Release Preview on Microsoft website here

Windows 8 Release Preview Video Demo

Update: Preview versions are not available

Please note that, preview versions for Windows 8 are not available for download on Microsoft website anymore.


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