Raspberry Pi Foundation is all set to deliver first batch of it’s Raspberry Pi (short: RPi or RasPi) computer system to children in Leeds today.

The delivery of these systems was postponed twice before this due to confusions & wrong components being soldered on a board.

Raspberry Pi –  is a tiny computer system of an approximate size of a credit-card ( to be connected to a TV and a keyboard) – is primarily being developed for teaching computer programming to children. Raspberry Pi Foundation is a UK-based registered foundation, focused to promote computer science and allied topics at school level.

Raspberry Pi is one of its kind ultra-small & ultra-low-cost Linux computer system with two variants. Model A is priced at $25 and Model B is priced at $35. The difference between the two is of an extra USB port & Ethernet port.

The Pi system is built upon ARM chip used in a majority of the mobile phones. In case you don’t know about this new tiny computer system – read details below

What is Raspberry Pi Computer?

Raspberry Pi isn’t something to eat in fact, its a very tiny credit card size plug-and-play computer running Linux. It can be connected to TV with a keyboard. Raspberry Pi is very useful for editing documents, playing HD videos or learning programming languages such as Python. That’s the main motive behind this very low-cost, portable computer.

First batch of $25 & $35 Raspberry Pi Computers are being Issued!

Raspberry Pi Specifications

Raspberry Pi has two models. Model A comes with 256MB RAM & without Ethernet port. Model B comes with 256MB RAM, 2 USB ports and with Ethernet port.

  • Chip: 700 MHz ARM
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Dimensions: 85.60 mm x 53.98 mm x 17 mm
  • Operating System: The foundation has suggested using Fedora as the OS but it is not limited to it. You can replace this with any other supported Linux by replacing the partition the SD Card where the OS is stored.
  • Storage: 32GB SD cards supported. You can attach pen drives through USB hub.
  • GPU: Capable of Blu-Ray quality playback with H.264 codec. OpenGL ES 2.0 supported. Roughly 1080p playback at 30 fps.
  • Graphics Performance Benchmark: XBox level 1 equivalent
  • Display Output: On-board HDMI out for connecting it to any Analogue / Digital TV, HDTV or DVI monitor. VGA is not supported since it is relatively old technology. It can also be used with touch screens.
  • Audio: Audio is supported via HDMI connection. There is a provision for standard 5.5mm jack for audio out. Supported microphone or outputs can be connected through USB hub.
  • Power: Pi computers are powered by 5v micro USB and can also run 4 x AA cells.
  • Programming Language: The foundation is and will be using Python as their main programming language for teaching – however, any language can be installed as well as it is supported to run on ARM architecture.
First batch of $25 & $35 Raspberry Pi Computers are being Issued!

From where can I buy Raspberry Pi computer Internationally?

Raspberry Pi system is available to buy internationally through the foundation’s partners Farnell Worldwide and RS Components

Where can I get detailed usage guide on Raspberry Pi Computers?

There is a lot of detailed information available about Pi computers on eLinux Wiki. It includes almost each and every topic you could think of including Buying Guide, basic set-up, beginners guide, installations, documentation to tutorials.

Video: New programming computer in action

I think this is simply awesome! I would definitely like to get something like this than the Aakash Tablet , simply because – It’s more like a proper computer system to use, learn and explore.

I hope you would love this too. Do share your views through comments 🙂


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