Founded in early 1984, CDW has offered various networking, security, cloud computing, data center services to the world. We already know about the Unified communications offered by them. Now, it they have added the CDW Cloud Collaboration to the list.

Cloud Computing is the most widespread and widely accepted technology in the enterprise world and CDW has come up with this new service – Cloud Collaboration –  which is yet another vehicle for Unified communications!

People were relying on voice calls, Video Conferencing, Instant Messaging, Contact Center services and etc. to collaborate with each other to get the work done. The Cloud Collaboration technology service from CDW – in short, is a mixture of all these newer, brighter & secure technological advancements.

The company has added powerful features to combine Unified Communication with Collaboration tools from none other than the leading corporate giant – Cisco systems.

Their Cloud Collaboration technology is easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere, on any device and at any time. With it, contacting your staff and delivering applications for collaboration is a lot simpler.


Cloud Collaboration solutions are just another new product from CDW… which has been around the enterprise world for a quite a long time. Just in the past decade, more than 4000 Cisco Unified Collaboration deployments have been done by CDW. Moreover, it also allows hosting the service on a TIER-III-IV. The data center, which is spread over 485,000 square-feet, can be run 8.2 megawatts of power.


Security is the most important thing for any cloud-based service. The company assures compromising security and flexibility in delivering virtualized architecture. Over 50 Cisco-certified inter-network experts are staff of CDW. The company also has access to the leading giant’s technology like Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solutions. You can read more on their CDW’s Solutions’ blog

Apart from Unified Collaboration, technology, CDW also offers services and solutions for all the businesses… regardless of the size. Watch the video below

CDW is a current advertiser on my blog.  All opinions are mine.


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