WhatsApp Messenger: Almost Free Text Messages for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia!

If your kids mistakenly thought, you could not read their WhatsApp conversations and media exchanges and used it as a secure way of communication, then it’s time to give them a little surprise with WhatsApp spy software!

Why WhatsApp Spying?

Teens have started using WhatsApp increasingly as it provides a free platform for sending/receiving messages, pictures, videos on any smartphone platform such as – Android, iOS, Nokia or BlackBerry. Since it is free and faster than conventional text messages, it’s furthermore important to spy WhatsApp messages and media files.

Best Spy Software for WhatsApp?

WhatsApp spying is a new technology and therefore not many software developing companies ventured into it. However, some of the renowned apps like StealthGenie does offer a WhatsApp spying feature. With StealthGenie, in addition to monitoring SMS messages, phone calls, phone locations, pictures, videos, web history – you can spy WhatsApp messages, view message details at no extra cost.

If you already have StealthGenie installed on your kid’s phone, you can spy their WhatsApp text messages right away. But, if you are new to StealthGenie, then let me tell you that StealthGenie’s WhatsApp spy software is the most trusted apps by parents and it can be your ultimate tool to monitor your kids with complete secrecy.

You can buy your subscription from the StealthGenie website and then can install it on your kids’ phone after the instructions you receive. After that, you can remotely monitor anything and everything that is saved on your kids’ phone using this app. It’s very easy.

StealthGenie and WhatsApp Spying

With StealthGenie installed on your kids’ phone you can monitor:

  • Sent & received WhatsApp messages
  • Some pictures, videos, audio clips, etc. that are saved on the phone
  • Names and numbers of the participants in conversations
  • Read group chats
  • Time & date stamps for chats

Outsmart your kids with WhatsApp spying software and make it an impossible task for your kid to hide anything from you. If they do something fishy, you’d be the first person to know it and with all the necessary first-hand evidence!

Now, no matter where your kids go – no matter whom they text often – they’re always in your range. Thanks to digital evolution and  StealthGenie!

Are you worried about your kids using too much of mobile phones? Would you like to go ahead and spy on your kid’s phone for their betterment or would you rather prefer giving them a free space?

Do share your views, about this WhatsApp spy software or the one you use, with us through comments.


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