In last few days, I have updated few posts about Samsung Galaxy Note-2’s Incredible Art-piece World Record attempt – and, I am glad to see very exciting response from you readers to their effort, in making this new world record possible… of course, its pending official announcement after January 16, 2013.

Many hobby artists and professional artists submitted their artworks; some of those artworks won themselves a brand-new Galaxy Note-2 every week. You can see some of the Note-2 winners’ work here.

We saw how Note-2 is an incredible device for the creative minds, even celebrity artists couldn’t resist sending contributions to Incredible Art-piece.

Here, I am posting some of those incredible designs made by celebrities working in the fields of Fashion, Painting, Sculpture, Installation, Video, Graphics and Photography. Thukral and Tagr, Shanranu and Nikhil, Anuksha Menon are to name a few.

Glimpses from Celebrity Participation in Note-2 Incredible Art-piece

Galaxy Note-2 Incredible Art-piece receives active participation from Celebrities [Glimpses]
Thukral and Tagra creating a beautiful painting from Galaxy Note – 2.
See high-resolution image for closer look

Galaxy Note-2 Incredible Art-piece receives active participation from Celebrities [Glimpses]

See high-resolution image for closer look

How did you like it? Have your tried sketching on Note-2 yet?

I will be uploading a detailed progressive video of sketching and coloring on S-Note… Do share your views in comments.


  1. Hi just wanted a lil info out here i was declared the winner for samsung incredible art on dec 29th 2012 i havent received any calls yet from them or any mails for the prize claim so far i did try leaving a message on samsung mobile indias page on facebook .Please help

    • Oops, sorry to hear that. It must have happened since the team looking into it are busy in the same activities.

      If you’re a declared winner – they will surely get in touch with you.

      Meanwhile, you can send us your facebook profile link along with a link to an update where yu were declared as winner. Use our contact us page.

      I will talk to the concerned team at Samsung & forward this issue.

      Thanks for writing


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