Cheap Dual Core Android Phones in India 2013

Android Smartphones are getting more and more popular these days and those who had already used them are now looking for, upgrades such as dual-core, quad-core or even eight-core processors. Here we’ll see a list of cheap dual core android phones available in India.

Last year lots of single core smartphones were introduced then rushed all the dual-core phones. When we were not even finished testing them, here came plenty of  quad-core fans… However, quad-core Smartphones are not available at cheap price, but to make way for the new technology, many companies were able to slash-down prices for dual-core Android phones to make them available at affordable prices.

List of Cheap Dual Core Android Phones

The dual – core processor means the processor inside the smart phone has two cores that increase the performance of the device. It increases the multitasking speed and improves the graphics performance. So having a dual core smartphone is a must these days. Note that, you should at least look for buying these dual-core phones if you’re planning to buy a new Android phone.

I am including the information I gathered through my research here in this article that includes, a list of comparatively cheaper and best dual-core android phones in India available in 2013.

Sony Xperia Go

I have used this smartphone personally for a month and I was addicted to it. Though I sold it to buy the HTC One V (because I liked its design more than anything else) but I will recommend this if you want to buy a dual-core Android Smartphone. You can buy it at a price less than Rs. 15,000

Sony Xperia Go

The best thing is that it is dust and water proof. Processing of the device is good and you will enjoy the multi-tasking. The design is simple and now you will get the device with Android ICS 4.0 OS. It also has dedicated GPU for better graphic performance. The battery life is also pretty good.

Samsung Galaxy S Advance I9070

If you’re inclined towards the Galaxy series smartphones then you should go for this device. It is available at a price of about Rs. 15,000 and Samsung just now released Jelly Bean 4.1 OS update for it.

Samsung Galaxy S Advance I9070

It has dual-core 1GHz processor with a dedicated GPU for better graphics performance. The design is as usual (nothing is new) but the Samsung is providing you Super AMOLED display device at so cheap price.

Micromax Canvas 2 A110

Now this one is a second recommendation from me. My friend has it and I was able to play with this device for some time. I liked everything about the device like its design, performance. It really shows that. Micromax is doing really good to keep its market share increasing.

Micromax Canvas 2 A110

The device has 5 inch gorgeous displays which keeps it under the Phablet class and the performance is really good. I used 3G internet pack on it and found very good speed while downloading one of my favorite songs. Another best part of the device is that it is with you alive for longer due to the powerful battery fixed in its box.

Sony Xperia U

I saw this device when I was out for purchasing the Xperia Go but I didn’t like the design of the device, but it has a dual – core processor and cheap price so it is on the list here. I checked the device in the shop and the performance was pretty sharp. If you like its design, then you can definitely buy this.

Sony Xperia U

It also has dedicated GPU, but it is not water or dust proof. Sony is now shipping the device with the Android ICS 4.0 OS that’s a plus point. It doesn’t have slots for MicroSD card and heavier than the Xperia Go. It is available at slightly cheaper cost than Xperia Go.

Other Dual-core Android mobiles

If you are really short in budget, then you can go for the Karbonn Smart A111 or Karbonn A9+ Smartphones. Both are having dual-core processors and you will find their price below Rs. 10000. Spice Stellar Nhance Mi-435 is another option.

Are you buying any of these cheap dual core android phones? Do let us know


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