Have you experienced damage to your website due to any of the following – hacker attack, malware, infected code insertions, server crash, database getting corrupt?

Did that consume too much of your time in doing all or any of the following – resolve the issue, re-work as necessary and uploading everything again?

If these situations are familiar to you and you don’t have access to advanced tools used by wealthy companies then you probably need CodeGuard – It provides regular website backups, monitoring and malware remedy service to bloggers, small and medium size businesses.

CodeGaurd’s advantage is in its differential backup approach that regularly checks files / codes and alerts the webmaster about it as when any unauthorized changes occurs. Webmasters then can roll-back the changes from the backup created by CodeGuard.

No need to wait for Google to show malware warnings or get email messages from customers about website that is not accessible.

CodeGuard: Backup, Protect, Undo your website or blog for FREE
Getting started screen

CodeGuard set-up is very easy as we configure any ftp client. Sign up and configure any website or blog using the ftp details given by hosting service provider. We can choose any or all folders to back up once ftp information is verified on the configuration page.

CodeGuard: Backup, Protect, Undo your website or blog for FREE
Add website details

If your website (or blog) is using any database – it is also possible to add database details such as username, password, database URL to set-up its backup. Though if your website or blog is using WordPress CMS then the same can be achieved using WP DB Backup

CodeGuard: Backup, Protect, Undo your website or blog for FREE
Add database settings

CodeGuard is developing a site specific WordPress plugin that will make things easier for WordPress CMS users to back-up their files, database, themes, plugins and posts. You can read more about this announcement here

More about CodeGuard

CodeGuard is unlike ISP based backups. Instead of a static snapshot of your site kept by your ISP (hopefully), we use a File Integrity Monitoring system built on a version control system and store site data in the cloud. CodeGuard backups are stored as the differential between each daily scan of the site; allowing users visibility into what has changed along with the ability to “undo” changes on their site and restore to a past version in real time (minus the time it takes to push the files over FTP), much like Time Machine for Apple OS does for your laptop.

In the event a hack or an unauthorized change is detected, webmasters can quickly revert to the last known “good” version and have their site working in minutes without engaging a developers to remediate the issue. CodeGuard can then be set to automatically revert the site to that version until the owner is able to patch the vulnerability in the site.

CodeGuard has a FREE plan which includes one website per account with total backup size less than 1GB. Check out more plans here

CodeGuard Presentation Video

Update #1: CodeGuard now has a WordPress Plugin

Integrating CodeGuard’s backup services with WordPress will now get much easier… all thanks to their team for bringing up a beta version of the WordPress plugin.

You can download & install this plugin from CodeGuard for WordPress

Hope this helps.


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