Climate Change is Real - Here is a Chance to Help with Your Tech Solution

There are numerous incidents in recent times that tell us that rapid climate change is real. This is a bitter truth that we must acknowledge and start building tech solutions today. These solutions will make our lives a little easier to survive when nature strikes again.

The technological advancements, satellites & the data collected over the years is providing great tools for the scientists to see the bigger picture of this rapidly changing climate. The evidence of which is quite compelling such as; global temperature rise, warming oceans, shrinking ice sheets, retreating glaciers, rise in sea levels, extreme events of intense rainfall, cyclones & so many others.

These extreme events cause devastation when they occur. In today’s connected world, when such events occur, they not only adversely affect the local population but it has a cycling effect on other parts of the world as well.

Climate change has very little to do with the Earth’s orbital changes & the major contribution to it. is by us. And, it’s time we bring in innovative solutions with the help of the latest technologies that we have.

Here is your chance to build your solution, showcase it to the experts & implement it across the world.

Call for Code 2020 – Climate Change

In the last article, we talked about what is of Call for Code 2020 & this year’s first competition category of fighting against the COVID-19 challenge. Building solutions for climate change is another competition category for this year. The Call for Code platform gives you an opportunity to build an opensource solution that can potentially help millions of people on Earth & leave a lasting positive impact on the world.

Under this track, you can build solutions to tackle the following problems

  1. Water sustainability: As mentioned above, the global crisis is linked to water. Rising temperature & extreme events are causing uneven distribution of rainfall, groundwater & worsening quality of water.
  2. Energy sustainability: We all know fossil fuels put huge pressure on the environment & the entire ecosystem by means of air pollution, water pollution & causing climate changes. We need to explore alternative clean energy sources such as solar, wind & thermal.
  3. Disaster resiliency: Every year, natural disasters affect nearly 160 million people every year. Flooding has been the main reason in the past twenty years or so and, it continues to grow. You can build solutions to keep the communities safer, help them through the disaster & also help in managing the quicker recovery.

Not everyone knows how to build the solutions for the Call for Code and that’s the reason why the IBM website has provided the starter kits for all the three subcategories mentioned.

How to Participate in Call for Code 2020 Challenge – Climate Change

I would say, the first step is to start ideation or finish that stage alone or with your friends as teammates.

Step number two is, register for a free account on the IBM Cloud account and start building your solution. If you’re working solo and need teammates or if you want to ask questions, you can also find them from the IBM developers community on slack, who are as excited as you to join you in the cause or help you out.

After you have built the solution, you can submit it to the Call for Code website.

Your solution will be judged by experts & renowned people such as Bill Clinton, Mark Cuban, Irwin Redlener (Director, NCDP), Firdaus Bhathena & many more.

Key Dates

You’ll need to submit your Climate Change related solution on or before 31st July 2020. I’d say start with that a couple of days before the deadline, so you’ll have some time in hand to prepare any last-minute details.

The winners of the Call for Code 2020 Challenge will be announced in the month of October.


  • Grand prize: $200,000 USD in cash + solution to implement + mentoring & investtmet opportunity + support from Linux Foundation
  • First & second runner up: $25,000 USD in cash + support from Linux Foundation
  • Third & fourth runner up: $10,000 USD in cash + support from Linux Foundation

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