Got Solution To Help The World During Natural Disasters? Join ‘Call For Code’ Challenge

The population is rising and the climate is changing. Extreme weather conditions are being witnessed across the globe. May it be floods, storms, wildfires, drought or cold. Over the past few years, technology has helped the world come closer than ever before, like, standing for human rights together on many occasions. Now we should take advantage of the new technology to make people aware of the grave situation, such as various natural disasters that are waiting to happen and, get help to sail us through the tough times imposed by nature. Can we do that?

The Call for Code is an international initiative by David Clark Cause to create practical and effective technology solutions on humanitarian issues and for making a positive impact on the society in general. The Call for Code Challenge is an annual competition in association with IBM and this year marks its second chapter. The theme for this year’s challenge is to help people prepare for natural disasters and provide relief in tougher conditions. So, if you and your friends have an excellent tech-enabled idea to help the world – this is your chance to turn that into a reality.

First things first – what will you get?

The winning team will get $200,000 cash prize, open source project support from The Linux Foundation, implementation support through Code and Response, an opportunity for mentorship and investment in your project invite for the awards event, and much more!

First and second runner up gets $25,000 cash prize, invite & project support. The third and fourth runner up gets $10,000 cash prize, invite & project support.

Now, take a look at other equally important guidelines.

Call For Code 2019 Theme

As I mentioned above, the theme for Call for Code 2019 Global Challenge is about building a solution to improve the way we prepare for natural disasters and provide relief when it is hit. This also includes, effectively reducing the chance of an epidemic, making appropriate resources available to the community, addressing mental as well as physical health after the disasters.

Submission deadline is July 29, 2019

If you and your group is a bunch of developers, designers or entrepreneurs and have an amazing tech solution that can be built to come in handy during the course of any natural disaster and, if you’re truly passionate about it then you’re most welcome to apply for the Code for Code Challenge 2019. The deadline to finish up the challenge is July 29th – so get ready quick & apply today.

The solution can be built using six technologies, for example: 

  • Using Artificial Intelligence and IoT for more connected transportation, collect & analyze sensor-device data to take corrective or preventive actions as soon as possible.
  • Using AI to improve natural language processing, distress signals or, Blockchain to analyze financial data, traceable supply networks, 
  • Making full use of medical / healthcare data to improve lives during rescue operations.
  • Optimizing the supply chain using new tech to improve retail in tough situations.
  • Advanced mobile tools to improve telecommunications, and so on.

How do you take part?

From what I read so far, you can create a team of a maximum of five individual participants per your choice. If you’re falling short of participant(s) among your friends or need more helping hands then you can explore them in this coders community to join your team. But, before you can do that – you will need to decide the team leader who can then apply for the Code for Code Challenge. The main communication will happen through his email address only. 

If you submit one solution today and for some reason feel the need to replace it, you can also do that. The latest solution submitted before 29th July will be considered as the final entry. I think this is good because, you know how we think of improvisations all the time, right! Jokes apart, but take a good look at the guidelines on Call for Code website 

  • The submission name or your team name must be in five words or less.
  • Provide a short description of the solution in ten words or less.
  • Give a detailed description of what you’re building, what problem will it solve, and why it matters in less than 500 words.
  • Provide a solution roadmap on how mature it is now and, then where do you intend to take it further.
  • Provide a link to GitHub or any other source code repository. You can add more details or flowcharts there too. 
  • 3-minute demo video: You’ll have to make a 3-minute demo video of the project, upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and share that URL.
  • You’ll get an IBM Cloud Account by joining the Challenge Community & then list down the IBM Cloud services used for your solution.
  • And lastly, you need to add email addresses of up to four additional team members where each will need to accept the participation agreement. 
  • One person can only be part of one team of up to 5 members.
  • One team can only submit one application

Do you think you have a solution for the communities to get better access to resources, healthcare, navigation and more in case of a natural calamity? If you do, then I think, this is your chance to present that solution to the world. Go conquer. 

Important website links: Call for Code Challenge 2019 & Call for Code Initiative