4 Great Ways To Market Your Business Event

If your business wants to make a big splash, there aren’t many ways to do it than to host an event. It’s a great way to market your products and services, entice potential customers and business leaders from your industry to see what you’re about, and to get your name out there.

But how do you make sure that it’s marketed well? You don’t want to open the doors and find that barely anyone comes. You want there to be people who couldn’t get tickets because they all sold out. With that in mind, here are five great ways to market your event and make sure you get full attendance.

Social Media Sponsored Posts

It’s all well and good putting news of your event on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – but does it guarantee that people will come? No. A better way to use social media is to create sponsored posts for your event which include all the details and links to buying tickets. You can use Facebook Events to do this, and spend a bit of money to boost the post to a wider (and targeted audience), and sponsor posts on Twitter and Instagram that feature all the details and booking information, too.

Create a Trailer for YouTube

If your business wants to market its event in a visual way, creating a trailer for the event to post on YouTube is a good bet. You’ll be able to communicate exactly what is going to be happening at the event, and the descriptions and links in the video will help viewers find and purchase tickets. Make sure that you remember to share your video on your social media channels, and embed it into the News/Blog section of your website so that your subscribers will be sent the link to the video.

Posters and Leaflets

Social media and online marketing are great, but sometimes a little old school magic is what’s required to build buzz for your upcoming event. Posters and leaflets, especially if they’re designed right, have the ability to reach a wide audience, and if you place them around your location at places where you know people who will be interested in coming to your event are likely to be hanging out, you will find they do a great job.

Many businesses use Spark to design custom posters so they can put their own brand identity and personality into them. Make sure all the details are present and correct and consider adding an incentive to the bargain, such as an idea that anybody who shows a photo of this poster gets 10% off the price of a ticket. That kind of clever marketing works wonders.

Local Radio and Press

If you are a local business, look to attract local people to your local event. So why not use the local press to help you out by marketing your event on radio and in the press? You could contact both via phone and/or email to see if they’re interested in hyping the event, and in the case of the press, put an advertisement in for the event, with details on how to purchase tickets. A radio appearance will look great on your website and social media channels, too.