7 Things You May Not Know About Google+

Google+, the only social network, which recorded the highest number of user registrations in the very first week, was initially launched to be the Facebook-killer but couldn’t. It’s obvious that Google has become a synonym more or less to the present day internet and that is how it has taken the big step with an advantage. Let’s see some of the benefits of Google Plus…

The engineers who built Google+ integrated the Google’s search algorithms and the Google+. That is why we see a lot of engagement on Google+ which is quite obviously used by most of the webmasters.

Google first introduced the concept of Authorship, then the Google+ Business Pages, now the author rank and we can truly expect a few more things in the pipeline. Whatever these new mysteries are – one thing is very much clear that, Google wants users to have better, desired and personalized results when they search. Faster as well as accurate.


Every time you search for something on Google, there are many results where you see the author’s picture on the search pages these days. Telling you and other people, who they (authors) really are. I think, blogs with approved authorship are getting better organic traffic results than the others. Not just this, it’ll help you in establishing a brand for your blog or business.

Benefits of using Google Plus

There are many guides to help you in showing up your pictures on the Google search. But the simplest thing you can do is, verify your business email on the Google Authorship page and add your blog link to the contributor links in your profile.

Profile Links

Unlike the other social networks, Google Plus allows you to put link(s) for you blog or for business in personal bio and the exciting thing is that you can add links to your own anchor texts. A direct link from one of the Google’s pages is really worth it.

Get +1s

Similar to the LIKE and TWEET buttons, Google has come up with the +1 button. When you share your blog posts on Google+, then others can +1 them. The number of +1s you get on to a post does show a large effect on your blog’s Search Engine Optimization efforts. It will help in large extent because of new social signals and tight integration with Google+ profiles. The maximum number of +1s you get for a post, the chances of getting into the first page of Google are proportional with higher chances… though it’s not entirely mandatory as yet.

We also have the +1 button to allow readers to easily share the post on their respective Google+ profiles.

Fix Indexation Problems

Whenever a new article is published on a blog – all the bloggers usually ping multiple services, add comments and do a lot of other things to get the post indexed by Google. But, sharing your post on Google Plus and having other users interact with it – can simply fix this problem. Mostly, your new blog post will immediately get indexed on Google, once you share it with their social network.

Another cool thing about the sharing feature of Google Plus is that the post is completely customizable and editable even after publishing it. You can change titles, description and its, whereas you can only edit the title and meta on Facebook and Twitter does not allow editing of Twitter cards since their format is fixed.

Get Into the circles

Google plus has this unique feature of adding people to different circles which are no different from lists. But no one cares even if you have a thousand people in your list; but if you have such awesome number of people in your Google Plus circles, you certainly can get a lot of advantages.

Benefits of using Google Plus

Say, I have two thousand people in my Google Plus circles and so are they connected with me. And, I share posts about “writing tips”. So, as both the Google Search and Google Plus are interrelated – when someone from my circles searches for “writing tips” on Google, my blog posts gets to the first page because they connect with me and I’ve shared the same post on my Google Plus profile.

Get A Better Author Rank

This is the latest change that was done to the Google’s search Algorithm. Linking both the Google Search and Google Plus was already successful and webmasters are using Google Plus for their own benefits.  Now, Google wants their users to engage more in the community. This is what the Google Author Rank is.

The better the author rank you have, the better you rank in search results. You can simply achieve a better author rank just by using Google Plus more often, engage more and build a better network and following on it.

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  1. Google Plus is indeed a great place to promote businesses. I’m an active user of Google + and it drives a lot of traffic to my blog.

    @Koundeenya you forgot to mention about the communities.


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