It’s just over twelve hours (as I write this) and the nerves are settling down after following Google I/O 2012 Day-1 announcements.

Nexus 7 tablet looks good on paper & with its $199 price, it is ready to kill other 7 inch & low-cost Android tablets in the market. (Google, you played it bad with other hardware partners this time)

Jelly Bean – a minor version update has more interesting features than ICS.

Google Glass is probably one of the most innovative gadget I have heard in recent times, unfortunately – its way too expensive & will cause major privacy issues.

And… then there is one little spherical gadget, Nexus Q – appears as if, brought down on earth from somewhere in the Galaxy. Resembles to a Sci-fi movie gadget. Let’s explore more about it.

Google Nexus Q, A  Sci-Fi Gadget

What is & What to do with Nexus Q?

In simple words, Nexus Q is an audio/video streaming device – Google calls it “The world’s first social streaming media player” (this isn’t World’s first for sure)– powered by Android Jelly Bean, let you stream your content on Cloud.

BUT, you need three devices if you wish to play something on a Television. In this fashion, wireless of course.

Android device (with Gingerbread or higher such as Mobile, Tablet etc) > Nexus Q > Television

You can do lot many things – add playlist, change playlist, stream YouTube video, Movies or even play a DJ kind of thing with friends, all over to just one device.

Connectivity on Nexus Q

Nexus Q has variety of connectivity options such as: Wi-Fi, Ethernet port, Bluetooth, NFC, Optical audio out, Micro USB and Micro HDMI out, internal storage of 16GB and built-in amplifier

What’s NOT in Nexus Q?

Even though Nexus Q is equipped with many things such as latest Android OS on it – its nothing more than a sci-fi paper weight or a home decor item, if don’t have another Android device to connect with it.

Sadly – it doesn’t do anything on its own. Without another Android device such as phone or a tablet – it cannot be used to play the same content from the cloud.

Nexus Q vs. Apple TV vs. Google TV

Nexus Q is neither an Apple TV that works in both standalone & in AirPlay mode nor a Google TV that works in standalone mode. Nexus Q price is $299 and Apple TV price is just $99.

Of course, Apple TV will not work for AirPlay without an iOS device. But, because it can be used standalone with a TV set – its not just an expensive paper-weight otherwise.

Google TV – is separate from both of these devices, but plays the same content from the cloud using either a Buddy Box or Integrated TV set.

Is Nexus Q available in your country?

Nexus Q is available in United States for pre-order but nothing is yet finalized on its availability in other countries. It is available through Google Play Store and because some of the content is only available in select countries.

Nexus Q is available in select countries

So, which one do I prefer?

I am loving the Nexus Q design and sure you too. But, won’t be buying this for sure unless I have spare $299 to spend.

If you’re looking for Google TV as an option – then go for Sony NSZ-GS7 priced at $199. This has an offer going on right now. On every pre-order, you will get a $45 worth movies free from Google Play

But, I will rather buy Apple TV 3, which is available at 1/3rd of its price + it can be used in standalone mode too. So, if I am tired of my mobile devices, I can still find entertainment on TV directly. I will be able to jailbreak Apple TV easily to get more tweaks from Cydia.

There are several other alternatives to Nexus Q. They are available at low prices. See a list of Android TV Boxes on any electronics shopping website.

What’s your choice and why? Do share your opinion through comments. I am eager to know.



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