Convert your old-school 2D videos to 3D with Mohavi

Well, 3D is a new trend and we experience this for every movie coming in theaters or TV being sold in the market or new smart phone on display or new video cameras in the making. Everyone is watching everything in 3D because of that extra dimension, extra depth it offers.

Converting movies in to 3D & release them in theaters is a completely different ball-game. Sometimes they even shoot movies in a specific way to get max-out 3D effect after conversion. Which may not be possible for home videos or corporate films considering many aspects of it.

Movavi (meaning: many things) makes this task much easier. Anyone can convert their existing 2D videos to stunning looking 3D videos which can be played on 3D TVs, 120 Hz displays, Computer screen through Movavi 3D player and more.

Movavi’s 3D video converter is available for FREE TRIAL and offers plenty of features such as:

  • Automatic conversion from 2D to 3D
  • Instant preview of 3D output
  • Capable of rendering HD videos
  • Supports Polarized glasses, NVIDIA shutter technology, NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses and anaglyph 3D glasses etc.
  • Pre-defined settings template for iPad, YouTube 3D, PlayStation and XBOX 360
  • Auto-brightness feature
  • 3D depth and shift effect adjustments

Convert your old-school 2D videos to 3D with Mohavi

Movavi has a bunch of specialized softwares for audio-video conversion, screen-captures for various usage like Personal, Education, Business, Non-profit and Government. Their tools can convert almost any video format to any file format which can be used on every device. No need to worry about compatibility issues.

Do visit for all the available video converter tools and download trials to get more insight before you decide to buy.


I liked the 2D to 3D converter, simply because they made it available for everyone without special skills to be able to convert 3D videos. Now, we can convert our old, flat home videos in to fun 3D videos in no-time. You can also buy 3D glasses from Amazon if you don’t have.

I am loving it, are you?


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