IDEA Cellular GPRS, 3G Internet APN Settings on iPhone and iPad

This is no magic, but a simple setting that MUST be set on the iPhone or iPad to get GPRS or 3G Internet. Everyone knows it & hundreds of users were using it already, but I am writing here just incase you didn’t. However, if you’re using Android phone or tablet then it is not required. Surprising, eh?

This will NOT work if you’ve not yet activated GPRS or 3G on your phone but this setting is required on iPhones and iPads. (I have confirmed this from Idea support). If you haven’t yet, then do read an earlier post on How to Activate IDEA 3G.

The setting is called APN. The same APN can be used for Internet Tethering. Read further for more info.

What is APN

APN means Access Point Name and its a protocol that allows a user’s PC or mobile device to get access to the Internet via mobile network.

On a technical level it is a configurable network identifier used by a mobile device when connecting to a GSM carrier. The carrier will then check this identifier to decide what type of network connection should be created.

How to set-up APN Settings for IDEA?

If you’re using IDEA and have already activated GPRS and/or 3G then follow these easy steps to enter Idea 3G APN Settings

How to get IDEA Internet on iPhone or iPad?

  1. Open Settings app on iPhone / iPad
  2. Go to General > Network > Cellular Data Network
  3. Type internet (all small letters) under Cellular Data > APN
  4. Leave Username and Password field EMPTY
IDEA Cellular GPRS, 3G Internet APN Settings on iPhone and iPad

How to share IDEA Internet from iPhone to PC or Laptop?

The above method will only get Internet on the device itself, but if you’re looking for sharing IDEA internet on PC or onto a laptop and other mobile devices then you will have to add APN for Tethering as well.

  1. Go to General > Network > Cellular Data Network
  2. Scroll down to see Internet Tethering
  3. Type internet under Internet Tethering > APN
  4. Tap Network button on left-top
  5. Toggle Cellular Data to ON and you should now see Personal Hotspot option
  6. Turn ON Personal Hotspot
  7. If you connect iPhone or iPad to PC through USB charging cable – you should now see new Local Area Connection under Control Panel > Network Connections
IDEA Cellular GPRS, 3G Internet APN Settings on iPhone and iPad


  • These settings are mandatory for iPhone and applicable for IDEA cellular only. You should enter them manually every time you upgrade iOS or reset network settings.
  • Internet Tethering charges are ALWAYS different from your regular GPRS charges. Always confirm about it through IDEA support before using.
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