Handwriting Calculator: Solve Any Mathematic Equation on iPhone, iPod and iPad

Handwriting Calculator is an advanced iOS app, where you can use own handwriting and it will transcribe to a typed equation. Handwriting Recognition Calculator (HRC) is very accurate and can work even with a messy handwriting style. So, if you think your writing is bad – let it be. 🙂

HRC can solve any complex mathematical equation in almost NO TIME! You can see it for yourself in a video below. I think its very handy to use instead of a default calculator at times. I always thought, I would never be able to write such complex equations and get answers by myself, but not anymore.

You can eventually find it and you would love it, if you like maths.

This app is an updated version and now we can even erase or delete whatever we write if HRC couldn’t recognize it. Very rare case, but yes – there is a provision.

What is Handwriting Calculator?

This app for iPhone lets you do all the mathematical equations through handwriting recognition technology on iOS. It has very easy & clean user interface to do the tasks.

Handwriting Calculator Features

  • Use our handwriting to input, no matter how bad our writing is.
  • Solve complex equations which is not easy with other calculators
  • Support for math symbols like: +, -, ×, ÷, √, sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, and factorial etc.
  • Ability to erase / drop any single math expression. No need to rewrite everything.
  • Press & hold to see more symbol options
  • Supports new constants pi and e
  • Ability to scroll & expand the app canvas for accommodating any length of equation

System Requirements

Handwriting Calculator is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad having iOS 3.2 or higher.

Price & Download Link

HRC is available for just $1.99 in iTunes App Store here.

Handwriting Calculator Demo Video


HRC is worth its price only if you are looking to solve math equations easily including day-to-day calculations. If the default Calculator app is enough for you, then don’t by this genius.

Its time for me get some complex equations done. I am on a deadline. 🙂


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