Gmail’s Compose and Reply boxes got a new look. Try it out

Gmail is evolving over the years and now it’s not just faster or bigger – but it’s getting trendier by each upgrades.

Now, Google is offering a revamped version for; how we compose or reply to email messages and want us to multi-task to be more productive. It was announced and made available for preview last year.

With this new announcement on their official Gmail blog, this new compose feature will now be made default for everyone.

With this new Gmail Compose and Reply feature, we can ‘Compose’ an email without leaving the inbox. The email compose screen section appears on right-side bottom of the screen – just like it does with gTalk within Gmail.

This new composing feature of Gmail has lots of new functions added into it. We can now attach files from our Google Drive account and can also choose to pop-out the box when replying to emails.

These new features will be rolling out for everyone in next few days for everyone, however – just like they did with the Gmail’s new look back then, they want us to send them feedback to make it perfect.

Activate Gmail’s new compose

To activate Gmail’s new compose feature for your account –

  1. Simply click on ‘Compose’ button
  2. On this old compose page, click on ‘Try out the new compose experience’ link
  3. Done.

Activate Gmail’s new compose


New inline area to compose emails
New inline area to compose emails
Gmail's new file attachment features
Gmail’s new file attachment features
New UI to compose email replies
New UI to compose email replies

Deactivate new Gmail compose

I don’t see a reason why you should disable Gmail’s new compose feature because, unlike old Gmail look to new look transition where we didn’t like most of the new UI; this one is a lot better and offers a real utility value.

But, you can still disable it temporarily till it’s made mandatory for everyone.

Disable Gmail's new compose

  1. Go again to Compose section and on the right-hand side next to the ‘Trash’ icon – click on a arrow
  2. From the new menu – click ‘Temporarily switch back to old compose’

I am liking this move. Composing emails and replying to emails is now feels much faster & very modern than before.


  1. DAMN !!! the new compose suck !!! it takes ULTRA long time 10-15 sec to pop up on my acer notebook, but fast on a stationary !! the old style was super fast on all PC’s
    and shitty my.. there is NO WAY TO : Deactivate new Gmail compose


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