Everything you want to know about the Facebook Graph Search

Ever since the launch, Facebook has been the trending topic on the web with exciting features, each year. When it was initially launched earlier in 2004, it was just a simple social network; now, with over millions of users, Facebook stands top of the Alexa rankings. And now with Facebook Graph Search – they’re eyeing a much wider use.

Facebook has been a competitor to Google in various departments for the past year or so and now, with the latest feature, looks like it’s more direct face-off. We already know about the Google+, which is getting better but yet couldn’t beat Facebook in user engagement.

This Tuesday, Facebook has unveiled another exciting feature, which is still in the beta version. Coming into the news, Mark Zuckerberg announced the Graph Search on 15/01/2013 at the Facebook HQ.

Everything you want to know about the Facebook Graph Search

Introducing Facebook Graph Search

It is obvious that more than 80% of people who use Internet, takes advantage of search engines and Google has been the only search engine giant sitting on the top spot from a very long time.

But unlike Google, new Facebook search gives us the exact answers to the query and not a list of links to other websites. Because, Facebook has the personal information about most of the people who use the internet (assuming the fact, they are registered users on Facebook) and the same data is now used by Facebook to build a search engine.

Facebook Graph Search is an awesome tool to get what you’re looking for & received some very positive reviews from geeks all-over the world

If you’re still wondering what’s new in this, here are some reasons why you should start using it.

Getting Exact Answers

Sometimes, we often get some other results on Google which do not link with our query in any means. But the Graph Search gives you the exact answers to your query (if it’s a valid search query). Interestingly, you can directly ask questions in the search bar like, “photos took at Las Vegas”, “my friends who like photography” “places, my friends have been too” etc.

Everything you want to know about the Facebook Graph Search

It’s More Than a Search Bar

Well, as already mentioned, it gives us the direct answers and fortunately, we can use it for something more. Or maybe, this can also be a competitor to LinkedIn too as people who actively use LinkedIn do it to find jobs and using Graph search, you can also search for jobs.

Moreover, you can find wedding matches too. I know this sounds odd, but even the Graph search was not actually designed to be a matrimonial trend setter, looking at the functionality but one can easily get this working.

Besides, there’s something more that you should know before actually getting into it.

No Instagram Photos in Facebook Graph Search

We know Facebook bought Instagram and is allowing users to upload pictures from their Instagram accounts. But now, Instagram photos will NOT feature in Graph Search results and only those which are directly uploaded by the user can be seen.

Everything you want to know about the Facebook Graph Search

Privacy Matters

Facebook still respects the privacy settings of the users. If you have completely locked your profile with the utmost privacy setting, obviously people can’t get your information when use Graph Search. So, Mark said, people should once again check their privacy settings for whether they want to be shown to the public or stay limited to friends or whomsoever, otherwise.

With this exciting feature, businesses can also take advantage in obvious ways. If you are a business owner active on Facebook, the chances of getting more fans, exposure and consumers have just increased.

But, how?

Facebook Pages

Facebook’s business pages are one of the best ways to get more online exposure. With recent changes, you can set up sponsored stories to keep them trending on top of your fans’ (or their friends’) News Feed. Which means – you can promote your Facebook page to the most extent using the Facebook adverts. Now, it’s the Graph search that will make all the difference.

So make sure, you’ve filled out complete details on your page’s profile. This will greatly help bringing your page in the top results when someone is hunting for something similar.


I feel, putting better deals on your Facebook page will get you more fans and customers. We all love deals and discounts, don’t we?  Everyone who loves to shop online is looking for the best deals on certain products and this is going to be your best bet to get noticed.

Everything you want to know about the Facebook Graph Search

The Buttons

Though, this is not an official announcement by Facebook, people are just expecting this to come anytime. Just like Google had combined the (Google Plus) +1 button with its search, Facebook may also do the same in this regard. We already have the Like and Share buttons for blogs and websites and who knows, if we see the results which read “Your friend [name] liked/shared this”.

Despite of all such features, people are eagerly waiting for the official launch. The search is now in its beta version which can be seen on the Facebook

What’s your take on Facebook Graph Search? Do share your thoughts with us in comments below


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