It’s all happening in & for Facebook since they aimed the IPO. After acquiring Instagram, Karma – their aim is to get hold of a browser. But, why would Facebook want to enter into a browser war?

According to The Next Web insider sources and as posted by Pocket-lint, Facebook is aiming to take-over Opera.

Facebook has almost $16 billion in hand after the IPO and the company is surely looking forward to expand its reach. Rapid, the better.

Facebook is having issues with monetizing its mobile version and most of its users are using mobile devices for ‘Facebooking’! Pando Daily also mentioned in one the articles saying, Facebook can solve its mobile issues by building their own browser.

Opera, on other hand has stopped recruiting new people and its management is in discussion with multiple investors. The company is not keen on running independently anymore and is more interested in becoming a part of a larger (private or public)company.

This – is an opportunity for Facebook to get hands dirty in the browser war & the Chrome seems to be marching ahead recently by pushing back Internet Explorer in most popular browsers

Lot of people might think RockMelt being the right choice for Facebook since its one of the popular ‘social browser’ – however, Facebook wouldn’t do it because it is based on open source Chromium project, just like Google Chrome! (and, I never like RockMelt)

Well, as we read – these are just the rumors and nothing has been confirmed – but, we all know that rumors here are mostly become true in next few days. Except that, Apple ditched everyone to display iPhone 4S instead of iPhone 5.

Jokes apart – Opera is a well-known browser among desktop users and Opera Mobile is probably one of the best browsers available for mobile devices including Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile or Symbian.

I don’t think there is a much scope in monetizing from its users using Facebook from mobile, because I would rather use their app instead of a browser. May be – they would push their efforts through browser integration for various apps, games or adverts.

None the less, it certainly would mean a major leap to Opera since its foundation in 1995.

What say?


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