UCWeb, Inc; today released an updated browser version UC Browser+ HD 2.3 for the iPad. The new version is primarily focused on improving the Social Networking experience of its users & is now offering the best multimedia player in a browser.

Social Links & Floating Widget For Conversations

UC Browser+ HD 2.3 features Social Links – a new feature that collects all shared links in one place from Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn connections. Not just that, this widget can be docked anywhere on the screen or toggled with one easy tap.

Widgets in this new feature can also handle interactions on these social networking sites inside a pop-up, so that, one can still continue to browsing other websites keeping existing conversation alive using live updates.

‘VideoS’ – A New Floating Video Player


The floating video player can play videos in full-screen mode or can play them through an adjustable pop-out window that can be placed anywhere. This allows user to continue watching videos while they can still browse other websites.

‘VideoS’ player in UCBrowser is equipped to let users create their own online video library (kind of playlist from video bookmarks) & then play these videos later in comfort.

Other Features


Some of the new features also include:

  • Swappable Wallpapers on browser skin
  • Multi-touch gestures
  • Seamless integration with EverNote
  • UCloud Sync for tabs, bookmarks & downloads across devices

Download Link

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