UCWeb’s flagship product, the UC Browser reached to a new milestone of 500+ million users recently, with this achievement; the UC Browser has marched forward to strengthen its place to become one of the widely used Internet Browsers for mobiles.

UC Browser is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone & huge 60% contribution towards this new milestone is only from UC Browser for Android, as the popularity is growing with the new interesting features being added for the platform.

I am in love with UC Browser’s night browsing feature making sure my eyes don’t burn while using my iPhone late night. You know how bright the new iOS 7 is, right?

According to the iResearch, based on active monthly users, China shows largest growth in UC Browser users followed by, India at 32% & rest of the world. The stats are only improving on Y-on-Y basis for the company.


On this occasion, UCWeb also presented a newly designed mascot to symbolize the fast & smarter Internet experience on mobile phones.


UC Browser is also planning to further improve the ecosystem by giving greatest exposure to their large number of partners, yet bring their most popular platforms closer to the users for easy access from within the browser itself. UC Browser for TV was announced in China recently & the immediate aim is to bring this to users across the world.

I am still waiting to see some of the great features from the UC Browser for Android to the IOS. If they can bring frequent updates & great features on UC Browser for iOS then, it would eventually create a decent Safari alternative for all of us.

I am looking forward for more updates & wish them the very best. Are you using the UC Browser yet? Do share with us your opinion through comments.


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