Facebook is continuously re-designing its User Interface and user experience by implementing new ideas and features. We have seen some of the new features and privacy settings for Facebook recently.

Facebook: New Ticker makes it better!

There was a problem with the Facebook stream – it used to get too crowded with plenty of less important updates but they managed  to resolve it up to an extent by filtering them in to Top News and Most Recent. But still the most recent was too crowded and it is very difficult to focus on important (or good) recent update from any of the friends.

Facebook just added another feature (and another box) of Ticker with notifications. Mostly these notifications are system generated and not targeted or linked directly to the account user.

You can find it on right side of the news feed page once logged in.

This is a great addition because it will make more sense to ‘real’ streams posted by its users and will help reduce clutter on the page.

It’s a new feature and I guess they will add lot many parameters to accommodate more data in this new Ticker box because as I write this post – there are still many unimportant streams present on the page.

The Ticker section includes live stories such as new status updates, friendships, photos, videos, links, likes, and comments. This section gives you real time updates about activity you can already see when browsing Facebook.

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Tick – tick, Facebook! Nice.

Update #1: It doesn’t load every time. Looks like a bug 🙂

Update #2: It is not showing up now. It is now disabled and should be back soon if their testing was successful. (Thanks to hrushighatpande+ )

Update #3: The App Ticker information is available under help section but I could not see this ticker on home page but it does show-up on Apps & Game pages.

Update #4: The Ticker as described above is now available on News Feed page. Facebook on September 21, released a new News Feed interface & changed email notifications to revamp their website to be in competition with Google+. Though the new News Feed does not look exciting & adds to confusion. It will take time for us to settle down with these new changes I guess 🙂

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