Facebook New Message System With Chat History, Text Messaging & E-mail

I wanted to send one message to a friend on Facebook account instead of writing on his wall and there I discovered these new changes Facebook rolled out. It looks really cool the way Facebook has revamped this system. It was always a question about, how Facebook will display new email system they announced. But they rolled out not just the Facebook Email but also added Chat History, Text Messaging and all new Internal messaging!

What is New Facebook Message System?

  • Find everything in one place: Texts, chats, messages, and Facebook email are part of a single conversation.
  • View your full history: Conversations include all the messages you’ve ever shared with each friend.
  • See messages from friends first: Bulk email and messages from unknown senders go straight to the ‘Other’ folder.

Once logged in, go to messages and you shall see a pop-up describing the new features. Click next to start exploring and activating each feature.

Facebook: New Message System with Chat History, Text Messaging and Facebook E-mail

How to activate Facebook Email?

Receive emails as a part of your Facebook conversations. Your email address will match your public username.

I wrote in my earlier post on Facebook Email where I said, it is only available to users who have claimed custom URL or username for their Facebook profile. When activating Facebook, email, It grabs the same URL suffix we selected for the our profile as email ID. Like, is now In such cases, we were able to login to Facebook, without need to type-in full email address.

We can choose its visibility on our profile page and can control who can send us an email on this new ID, by changing the Privacy Settings.

Facebook: New Message System with Chat History, Text Messaging and Facebook E-mail

One thing I could not understand is, it is very easy to see our username or custom profile URL by visiting our Facebook profile and as this is used as an email ID straight away then what’s the point in hiding it!

How to activate Facebook Text Messaging?

Turn on text messaging so friends can use Facebook Messages to send you texts. Facebook does not charge for this services. Standard messaging rates apply.

This is another nice feature of the new Facebook messaging system where we can send Text Messages to friends having their mobile numbers listed on the profile. This feature essentially sends an SMS update to a friend about a new message s/he has received on his Facebook account, useful while s/he is away from computers or Internet.

Facebook: New Message System with Chat History, Text Messaging and Facebook E-mail

Facebook Chat History

You’re now ready to chat with friends. Your chats will be saved as part of your Facebook conversations.

This feature was missing from Facebook chat for years. Now we can have all chat history stored as conversation. For some, this could be an alarm.

Facebook: New Message System with Chat History, Text Messaging and Facebook E-mail

Send email message to anyone

It is now possible to send out emails to any email address via Facebook messages. Nothing surprising here because now Facebook is a full email system. Interesting part is able to Attach Files, Attach Picture via Web cam or mobile camera, and sending this new message alert as SMS text messages.

Facebook: New Message System with Chat History, Text Messaging and Facebook E-mail

Facebook: New Message System with Chat History, Text Messaging and Facebook E-mail

Facebook revamped again and this time it is productive. The only drawback is, getting all messages, including messages, texts, emails and chats into one conversation per friend is going to be huge and difficult to organize. I hope they can make it sorted based on conversation dates, which will make it more useful. Have you used this new Facebook messaging?


  1. Hey plz tell me how to activate the new fb chat … ???? plz there is no prompt in my account to upgrade to new fb chat

  2. I want to be able to receive the messages via text, but it says my friend needs to click send as text is there any other way?

  3. can someone help me get it? i’ve clicked on the link thats supposed to give you it and it says i will get it shortly that was weeks ago and i want to get it now.
    can anyone help me please? thanks

    • @John Smith
      I don’t think it is possible to disable these features because these are side-wide enhancements that Facebook has made!
      You will have to make a suggestion to them to provide with Enable / Disable options.
      Hope this helps.

  4. Well positive aspect: you can have all the records of conversation with anyone very easily and browse through history.

    VERY NEGATIVE ASPECT: For the same reason, you forget your account open somewhere, or someone gets access to your account and all sorts of conversations dating looooong back are there for anyone to see, when you thought that your chat history was gone each time you closed the window.

    I bet this new system is gonna screw some couples . I am sure about it.

  5. Thanks Tushar. I hope they improve it.

    About two years ago I have a dispute with someone on Facebook. We’ve since become very cordial. I went to send them a message about something, and realize that it attaches the previous messages, even with the original subject heading.

    I don’t like that at all.

  6. One question.

    If you have previously sent a message to another user on Facebook, Is there any way to send a brand new message with a different subject heading?

    I don’t like the “chat” history, that they receive the new message attached to the old ones and doesn’t give a place for a new subject heading.

    • @Taylor
      Yes. It need lot if improvements. Let’s see if they enhance it even further.

      It’s in BETA again so we must wait 🙂

  7. Chat History has been enabled only in the sense now they show it. They have been storing it since day one. I click to chat with someone and there are entries from way back last year…..
    Kinda creepy they are storing everything we type on Facebook.

    • @paranoid1
      Yes. That’s right. It I think is a necessity to store conversations then to allow current module + look at the cyber crimes happening. Facebook in a way has a responsibility on their shoulders to help offline systems whenever required.

      Even if we choose to switch it off, conversations still remains on d server privately.

      Again, Facebook should protect privacy unless otherwise requested by government authorities.

      That’s my view 🙂

  8. I get no popup when I click on “Messages” and nothing allows me to turn on text messaging – which I used to have! am I looking in the wrong place?

    • Julie, pop-up opens only for the first time! not everytime.
      You should see options just above your messages, under the search box once you click and go inside your message box.
      Hope this helps


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