Facebook: No more Friend Requests, Just Subscribe!

Facebook is uplifting themselves to compete against Twitter and Google+ and bringing lot many changes on their website like new Privacy Settings, App Ticker etc. Now, they have added another cool feature called Subscribe. What is it? Lets find out.

Facebook recently added a Subscribe button on profiles to allow getting specific updates from people you find interesting. There is no need to be friends with them or you can let users subscribe to your profile so that they won’t need to be friends with you to see updates.

Exactly, almost like Twitter and Google+ 🙂 (and blah blah blah :)) 

This is taking away little fun (if any) in adding people as friends on Facebook and works more like everyone now has a Fan Page of their own profiles.

Hear from interesting people
You’ve always been subscribed to friends. Now you can hear from journalists, celebrities, political figures and other people too. Click the Subscribe button on someone’s profile to get their public updates in your News Feed.

Fine-tune your News Feed
Use the Subscribe button to choose what you see from friends and others in News Feed. For each person, you could hide all game stories, see just photos, limit updates to life events and more.

How to Subscribe to a Facebook Profile?

  • Go to Facebook users profile page you wish to subscribe to

Facebook: No more Friend Requests, Just Subscribe!

  • Click ‘Subscribe’
  • Select options to which you wish to subscribe.

Facebook: No more Friend Requests, Just Subscribe!

Remember: Subscribe button only appears on profiles that have enabled the service. See below.

How to add Subscribe button on Facebook Profile?

It’s very simple.

Facebook: No more Friend Requests, Just Subscribe!

  • Choose what you want to do next

Facebook: No more Friend Requests, Just Subscribe!

How to see Subscribers List?

  • Go to Subscribers Tab for your profile

How to Turn OFF ‘Subscribe’ button

  • Go to Subscribers Tab here & click Edit Settings

Is it beneficial to have ‘Subscribe’ button?

Indeed. Look at the News Feed that we see on Facebook these days. We get plenty of junk updates from Facebook friends which we hardly want to see.

Having a ‘Subscribe’ button can allow subscriptions to our publicly shared updates or specific updates to our friends. This will essentially make our news feed page much more readable & full of interested topics than before.

And more?

Go to Facebook Privacy Setting to set appropriate preferences to choose what you wish to share publicly.


I am liking this ‘Subscribe’ feature of Facebook and you can subscribe me too. No need to send friends requests and let Facebook treat you as Spammer.

Start Subscribing 🙂

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