Qualcomm – telecom research and development company, a largest Fabless chip supplier in the world and the inventor of CDMA technology – recently at Invention Qualcomm event, showcased a very interesting gesture technology the company is working on these days.

This new gestures technology demoed and developed by Qualcomm will allow user to control the user interface and functions of a phone or a tablet without touching the screen.

New gestures technology from Qualcomm could kill the Touchscreens!
Touchscreen gestures used on iOS (Image source: Gesturecons)

It uses ultrasound that gets picked up by device’s microphone to understand your hand movements including all the touch gestures that we now use on touchscreen devices.

For example, if you wave hand from left to right or vice-a-versa at a certain distance from the device – it can browse though a photo gallery.

Qualcomm named it Digital Sixth Sense and are confident of shipping this with their new chip by late 2012.

Don’t you remember use of gestures on a complicated UI in Minority Report?

Qualcomm Demo Video

Well, I hope it won’t be as complicated as it looks in the movie… but, it would certainly require you to act like a magician to use your device.

How useful and fruitful will it be? We will soon see than once launched… But, Qualcomm is very close in achieving something that looked impossible few years back –  is itself worth more than just saying ‘Thanks for the innovation’

Update July 2012: Qualcomm Snapdragon Processors

These, Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon processors – will now allow multiple gestures to a smartphone or a tablet including Visual-gestures through Camera, Infrared and Ultrasound (as seen above) to improve user experience.

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