Finally! DoAT brings great search results on Mobile

Everyone is going mobile these days with new technologies, faster mobile Internet, 3G connectivity. Smartphones like iPhone, Android, N9 and tablets like iPad, Galaxy Tab, HTC Flyer, PlayBook, Xoom have given a whole new dimension to being mobile. All of these gadgets are like portable computer devices where most of the Internet browsing, Searching, Downloading, Social Networking takes place these days.

But, searching for information via mobile browsers is still not very quick and useful. Search result providing websites (Search Engines) have re-designed the UI to fit mobiles but the results are more web link oriented with less visual or direct references. It is tedious to open all the possible resulted websites to find the right match on a mobile screen which is otherwise much easier on a desktop computer.

Also these results often don’t filter out non-optimized websites that are not easy to navigate on mobiles making it even further difficult to zero down on a right content.

DoAT or Do@ have come up with a great app that transforms the way we search & delivers great search results on our mobile. As you can see in the video below – the results are lively and displays pages with multiple, possible media associated with the search query and not just the text links.

Their search results are not web crawler based giving more opportunities to content owners & publishers to deliver optimized, local, more relevant content to the user.

Do@ app is currently available for iPhone and soon will be made available on different platforms like Android, iPad, Windows, MeeBo, and others.

The existing search tools for mobile devices are derivatives of PC web interfaces, and built largely around web links, taking their results from web page crawlers and ranking engines. As a result, the user experience of searching on mobile often delivers very poor results from the mobile experience perspective: non-mobile optimized web pages (design, size, performance, flash support), not using the device capabilities (location, rich media). At the same time, you may have amazing apps that could deliver great results for your query, but your search engine, completely ignores them.

On the way results are ranked, DoAT offers its Social Radar, a socially-oriented system that helps users get answers from sources they, and their social graph trust and love.

Demo Video


I think Do@ is a superb new search engine app made exclusively for smart-phones and smart people and is available for FREE. :). Saves time, saves bandwidth, does not test our patience and delivers on-the-go.

iPhone app is available on iTunes Store here. Visit Do@ website if you need more information.

I will update you again once this app is available on other mobile platforms & do send-in your comments below.

Have you done doing DoAT? 🙂


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