Internet Search is equal to Google. This is the equation got formed since Google Search was launched. Everyone is concentrating on their visibility on Google. Clients for website designers – developers are more concerned with getting their website listed in Google searches than its design itself. And why not, when Google is undoubtedly is the most used and popular search engine.

I remember about using MSN for searching on the web way back in the late 90s, but since Google entered the market, everything changed. In 2009, Microsoft launched their all new, dedicated web search engine ‘Bing’ to compete with Google. In the early days after its launch Bing received many new visits to it and brave reviews too for its bold presence and innovative UI.

Primarily, Google came up with this single page UI to make searching on the web easier and faster. Yahoo and Bing got inspired from the same concept and adapted it into their own search engines. Google became faster and faster now with their latest Instant Search results as you type and continued inspiration from Google, now Yahoo also started instant search results.

I covered the post Most Used Browsers and Total Market Share and now let’s have a look at the Most Used Search Engines and Total Market Share Trend as of March 2011.

Top Search Engine Market Share Trend

Most Used Search Engines and Total Market Share Trend as of March 2011


Most Used Search Engines
Month Google Yahoo Bing Baidu Ask Other
March, 2010 85.75% 5.38% 3.11% 3.52% 0.63% 1.61%
April, 2010 86.30% 5.30% 3.13% 3.02% 0.67% 1.58%
May, 2010 84.80% 6.19% 3.24% 3.16% 0.75% 1.86%
June, 2010 84.96% 6.24% 3.39% 3.06% 0.76% 1.60%
July, 2010 84.97% 5.99% 3.34% 3.34% 0.75% 1.61%
August, 2010 84.73% 6.35% 3.30% 3.31% 0.71% 1.60%
September, 2010 83.34% 6.32% 3.25% 4.96% 0.73% 1.40%
October, 2010 85.15% 6.33% 3.22% 3.34% 0.65% 1.31%
November, 2010 84.72% 6.42% 3.14% 3.67% 0.56% 1.50%
December, 2010 84.65% 6.69% 3.29% 3.39% 0.56% 1.44%
January, 2011 85.37% 6.14% 3.68% 2.92% 0.58% 1.32%
February, 2011 84.77% 5.69% 3.89% 3.80% 0.54% 1.31%


From the above stats we can see that, Yahoo, Baidu (Chinese search engine) and Ask search engine stats are moving within a specific range. But the stats for Bing and Google are moving in opposite directions.  The Bing’s share is going down while Google’s share is increasing.

One of the reasons could be that Android is getting more popular these days and Google is a default search engine for Android while Bing is a default search provider for Windows Mobiles.

Or is it the Bing only helping Google to rise even further by not being up to the at par with the competition? What say?

Source: Netmarketshare



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