Assume you are on a plan for a long drive and then dinner somewhere, after travelling far away from your regular town area – you do not know a good restaurant to eat. Or maybe you want to find an ATM to withdraw some cash as you do not know near by ATM locations when away from town.

May be you’re travelling and feel like taking an overnight halt in between but you’re in search of a good hotel to stay and not finding it.

If above situations sound like yours and you own an iPhone or Android phone, then this app is perfect for you based on Google Places. You can also use it in the browser on your computer by going to Google Places website.

How does Google Places work?

Recommendations are powered by your opinions

Every time you rate a place on Google, it gets a better understanding of your likes and dislikes: sushi or steak; coffee or tea; a quiet room with a view, or somewhere near the pulse of city nightlife. Once it discerns our tastes, we start to see recommendations in search results of places chosen specially for us. The more we rate places, the more and better recommendations we see in search results.

Recommendations are better with friends

More often than not, we discover new places through conversations with people we know who have similar tastes. When you add them as friends in Google Places, you’ll see their recommendations when you search for places on Google.

Taking a trip? Add friends who’ve lived or traveled in your destination and ask them to rate the places they love so you can take their opinions with you. Together, you can create a personalized, trusted guide to the places you collectively know around the world.

You can find Restaurants, Coffee shops, Bars, ATMs, Gas Stations (Petrol Pumps), Hotels, Attractions, Pizza shops or even Post Offices through this awesome little app.

It can give you reviews, ratings, location or direction about any place that you select among the results.


Google Places is now on Google+

Google also came up with their own social network called Google+ and now these local business listings can also be found on Google+. If you’re a business owner, you can take benefit of Google+ by creating business Pages

For me, this is exactly the kind of utility app I would like on my phone that gives me great localized results to use any day, any place on this planet.

So, where are you travelling this weekend? 🙂

Link: Google Places



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