Today, Google announced another feature to its Google+ service called Pages, which are similar to Facebook pages. Google+ has already created lot of buzz around the web since its launch and some of the unique features with strong privacy settings.

By enabling Pages on Google+, the company is certainly expanding their horizons to cater different Businesses and Brands.

Google+ Pages would allow creating presence for Local Businesses, Places, Products, Brands, Companies, Institutions, Organisations, Arts, Entertainment, Sports and others where all these brands can connect to their audience, add them to circles, create hangouts, video chats and more. (Just more or same like Facebook pages)

How To Create a Google+ Page

  • Go to Create Google+ Page link
  • Pick the most suitable category for your page and create.
  • The on-screen instructions will take you through completing the profile.
  • You can use ‘Spread The Word’ the page sidebar to promote it.
How To Create, Manage, Promote Google+ Pages
  • You can easily switch back from your personal profile & the Page
How To Create, Manage, Promote Google+ Pages

What’s the difference between Google+ Profile & Page

Well, they both are quite similar except that some of the features are exclusively targeted for each of them.

  • Pages are meant for various entities & brands. Profile is only for individuals.
  • Default privacy setting for Pages is Public by default once they’re created.
  • G+ Pages can’t play games (I can’t understand why? Aren’t we humans behind the brands)
  • G+ Pages can not receive notifications through email, SMS or in Google bar (Why not?)
  • G+ Pages cannot handout using mobile devices. (That’s not bad)
  • G+ Local Pages have extra fields so that customers can easily find their physical address (That’s cool)
  • G+ Pages cannot +1 other pages. 🙂
  • G+ Pages are based on collective +1s (Similar to Fans or Likes on Facebook)

How to Promote a Google+ Page

  • Use ‘Spread the word’ from sidebar
  • Post updated, fresh content on regular basis
  • Spread discount offers,  coupons for your business or product, to your audience
  • Link your Google+ Page with your website. Google badges like Twitter & Facebook are coming soon  (Similar to Google+ profile with website)
  • You can create badges for website from Google+ Developer’s page
How To Create, Manage, Promote Google+ Pages
  • Linking Google+ Page with AdWords campaigns to gain +1

Google+ Direct Connect

There is another service attached to Google+ pages where people can easily navigate through a page in search.

When searching for a major brand, company, or cultural entity, try placing a ‘+’ in front of your query. When you use the ‘+’ operator before your search query, it lets us know that you want to find a Google+ page.

Help on Google+ Pages

You can find all the required help topics on Google+ Page Help Center

Google+ pages Video Demo

I am excited to have Google+ Pages and couldn’t wait to create one. I will be posting more updates on this soon. Have you created a Google+ Page yet?




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