Have you ever been through a situation in which, your friend is constantly guiding you to drive to a place where he is standing and you are not finding the easiest way to reach him? Not being able to find the road or the nearest landmark?

Well, It’s going to be quite easy now with Google Latitude. Google Latitude has been around as a web app on Orkut. Yesterday its app has been approved by Apple and is now available for download on devices through iTunes Store.

Google Latitude is nothing but a Socially Networked arm of Google Maps.

The most interesting part of this application is, you can quickly and easily find the location of a friend or a family member or a person you want to meet especially he/she is in your city. Not just that, but it would be very helpful to locate a friend who  is missing on the streets. He/she can give or ask for directions to reach to the desired place.

Some of you may have concerns about privacy because this app can automatically detect your current location while running in the background. I do not think that should be the concern since you can always choose not to run this app in a background. Additionally, you can only share your location with only those people to whom you grant access or you can only find out the other’s location if they share it with you.

Google Latitude can be used on a computer or through mobile devices like:

  • Almost all devices running Android mobile OS.
  • iPhones, iPod Touch and iPads
  • BlackBerry Phones
  • Windows Mobile 5x OS devices
  • Nokia Smartphones

Google Latitude

Once you click on Accept & Share, you will be prompted to use your Google account for logging in.

Google Latitude

When you’re logged in, you can see requests received to connect for sharing locations. It’s easy to see the name of the person requested for your location and you do not know him or her, you can click on Don’t Accept. I understood all the options above except that of  ‘Accept, but hide my location’.  If anybody wants to use this option, then why would he/she use this app  in the first place!

Google Latitude

After sharing on Latitude if you think that your location is not  accurate enough, then you can select ‘Set Your Location’ tab. A map will display your tag with a place. Zoom-in and move your location & click ‘Update My Location.

Now here is another interesting feature (See image on the right.)
Google Latitude for iPhone

You can add a friend (or we can say a person) if you know his email ID, of course with which he/she is using this Google Latitude app. You can select people from your iPhone’s contacts, Google Contacts too. It also displays suggested friends list with whom you keep in touch more often, similar to Gmail where you can see email addresses to whom you contact the most or contacted in recent times.

Google has not been a very successful player in the Social Networking sector, but have successfully achieved great results through Google Earth, Google Maps, Localized Information.

Through Google Latitude they have clubbed their Successful endeavor with a not so successful attempt (Like Orkut, Buzz) to create a probably a very handy Social Networking app that is not primarily focused  for a computer but for mobile devices. Which is very apt considering its application.

I think this is that type of application which can connect you from Virtual to Reality. If you go to your friend’s town or want to see who is in your town so that you can meet, find it out on Google Latitude before making a phone call.

Do share your Latitudes if you like this app. It would be great to hear your opinion.

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