Samsung Announces Tizen Mobile OS at MWC in Association with Intel

Samsung made a bummer announcement at MWC by revealing their next mobile OS ‘Tizen’, which the company has developed in association with Intel.

It’s not the first time that Samsung has come up with own mobile OS, we have already seen Bada, Bada 2 OS in few other mobile devices they made such as Samsung Wave 3.

Bada, looked promising back then but never picked up and did not help them much until Samsung decided to produce Android phones. Samsung managed to surpass Apple in selling mobile devices only when they decided in favor of Android – purely due to its eco-system.

What is Tizen OS 2.0

Tizen OS is another open-source Linux-based operating system like MeeGo , Ubuntu mobile OS and the motive behind is to make a system that is free from Google’s eye and to offer more control over the content to the carriers.

Tizen OS 2.0 Mangolia can be used on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and in-car systems & designed to run apps using web technologies such as HTML5.

Samsung Announces Tizen Mobile OS at MWC in Association with Intel

Interestingly companies like Huawei has jumped in to make Tizen handsets and carriers like Orange from Europe, NTT Docomo from Japan have already signed up with Tizen Association to be one of the first carriers to offer Tizen powered handsets.

According to Android Authority, Samsung too is planning to rollout Tizen powered devices in market by the end of 2013. It’s also said that this decision will put some pressure on Google, who is clearly dependent on manufacturers as likes of Samsung to provide consumer devices.

Samsung might have looked forward to diversify their portfolio but it does not make sense to do away with Android completely, especially when you’re doing great with that stuff & you have kind of failed earlier in similar attempt.

The next best option for Samsung could be opting for Ubuntu for smartphones instead of getting into unknown territory of software. Another example would be Samsung ChatON which never picked up as expected against WhatsApp messenger.

Intel on the other hand seems keener on having this deal simply because they want to spread their processors on to more mobile devices, where the company is clearly missing their large share.

The only way I could see to make Tizen grow is by producing low to mid-range mobile devices for people not interested in all the gizmo on Android. But then, I doubt that too because it’s been very easy to use Android with all the Google eco-system.

Tizen OS for Developers

If you’re a developer willing to work with Tizen OS – then you can download SDK, read docs or connect with Tizen community on Tizen OS Website.

Would you be interested in buying Tizen powered devices or would you rather stick to Android / Ubuntu in near future?


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