HTC One is, Un-quietly Brilliant!

HTC – a popular Taiwanese company – today launched their new flagship phone HTC One which earlier was known as HTC M7 when remained in rumors and leaks. The launch event took place in New York and London at the same time.

Here is everything that you want to know about HTC One.

HTC One has the Best Design

Design of HTC One – from inside and the outside – sets a new standard for the company. HTC phones have always been great in terms of design but with HTC One, it’s plenty of steps ahead of the recent HTC One X series.

HTC One features a thickness of 9.3mm which is just a 1.7mm more than the iPhone 5 still, they have successfully managed to pack this phone with the most-advanced hardware combination available than any other phone in market.

The sleek Unibody design featuring full aluminum case with Gorilla Glass 2 making it seem class-apart from other phones. HTC One can easily be compared with Nexus 4.

HTC One is, Un-quietly Brilliant!

HTC One Specifications

The phone is built with some high-end hardware pieces and wrapped into a 137.4 x 68.2 x 9.3mm body that weighs only 143g. See what all things they managed to push-in magically 🙂

  • Display: 4.7 inch, Full HD with (never-before) 468 ppi pixel density, making it the most crisp and clear phone display ever. No other phone has such a high-resolution display.
  • Processor / CPU Speed: Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core 1.7GHz. Limiting the phone to quad-core instead of eight-core seems a good idea to me because it can last longer on its battery capacity.
  • OS & Software: The phone is powered with latest Android Jellybean and layered with proprietary touch interface HTC Sense 5 and HTC BlinkFeed – a new intuitive interface (similar to Windows Phone) for live Home-screens
  • SIM Slot: microSIM – everyone now has this small SIM card – so we don’t need to start running to get even smaller SIM card.
  • Storage and RAM: 32GB & 64GB variants for Internal Storage and massive 2GB DDR2 RAM.
  • Connectivity: NFC capable, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi 802.11 a/ac/b/g/n protocols, DLNA for streaming media from phone to supported TV or a computer
  • Camera: This one is a tricky yet something different. The rear camera on HTC One is 4-megapixel giving 300% brighter pictures and front camera is 2.1MP with 88 degree wide-angle lens. You can read about why HTC One has 4MP camera here. Both the cameras can record 1080p Full HD video
  • More in Camera: Features Smart Flash with five different level of intensities, slow motion video recording capabilities with variable speed playback
  • Photography abilities such as retouch with object removals, sequence shots etc.
  • Sound: 3.5 mm stereo audio jack, HTC BoomSound with nicely placed dual front stereo speakers powered with Beats Audio technology, HDR microphone and Sense Voice. This is the reason I said ‘Un-quietly’ brilliant.
  • Multimedia: Supports all the popular audio and video formats while video recordings are in MP4 format
  • Battery: For a change, this time the battery is embedded and is of 2300 mAh capacity, which should be good enough.
  • Last but not the least – HTC One has Consumer Infrared blaster around the power button which means, we can use this as remote control with most of the television sets or set-top boxes around the world.

HTC One is, Un-quietly Brilliant!

HTC One Special Features solve many problems

Some of the key problems solved by HTC One are as follows & I am sure you would agree with me here.

  • A nicely designed, strategically placed, BoomSound dual stereo speakers were not available any similar smartphone except the tablets. This brings wire-free, loud yet clear sound experience for watching videos or especially playing games.
  • Using MicroSIM card instead of Ultra-SIM card makes sure we don’t need yet another SIM card to obtain from the provider.
  • 64GB storage size will make sure we don’t need more storage space
  • UltraPixel camera will give us the better picture quality (mostly yes)
  • Five different auto-flash levels will help us click better pictures instead of white burnt-out pictures with flash if someone is close in the frame.
  • Slow motion capturing abilities offers us room for tons of creativity.
  • Consumer IR remote control feature will greatly help in not forcing us to find that misplaced remote again. And with Sense TV – we’re all set to get program guides, notifications on the favorite programs right on the phone
  • Full aluminum body with Gorilla glass means we don’t need to worry about those shoddy scratches on the phone or cracked plastic that ruins the fun if the phone falls down accidentally.
  • With HTC Zoe – we don’t need to miss any moment as it clicks 20 pictures with single tap on the shutter and a 3 second video automatically.
  • HTC BlinkFeed makes the entire home screen live with streaming social-media updates, news or photos as we choose from the settings.
  • Sense Voice is an important feature that solves the greatest problem of talking on the phone in crowded places. Included dual microphones automatically detect the loud ambient noise and then boost the in-call voice clarity.

HTC One is, Un-quietly Brilliant!


Last thoughts

Undoubtedly, the phone looks tremendous on paper and with tapered edges – I am sure it will also provide a lot comfortable grip.

HTC One looks more inspired from the iPhone design and I wonder if Apple is thinking of suing them for some reason. HTC One appears to be the only second device in competition with Samsung, which earlier I thought might be the new BlackBerry Z10.

It would be further interesting to see how Samsung Galaxy S4 (eight-core) stands with HTC One (quad-core) and the collision surely will be heard since both phones will be made available in March. I can’t wait to see this phone in hand.

Update #1: HTC One launch in India

HTC has decided to release HTC One in India on March 6 in anticipation of Samsung Galaxy S4 launch which is due on March 14. Surely, the company wants to stay ahead in the game. Design-wise, I am still liking the HTC One a lot more than what we see in Galaxy S4 leaked pictures recently.

What’s your thought on HTC One? Do share with us your views too


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