Apple reportedly sets iPhone 5S and cheaper iPhone launch date in June

We saw Apple’s product launch cycles over the years. The company has always focused on capturing the Christmas holiday season for their products such as iPod, iPhone and later with iPad.

This time however, Apple is reportedly planning a different game altogether and due to obvious reasons.

A new game plan!

A little test or glimpse of this new strategy was seen when they surprisingly brought the latest iPad and iPad mini on less expected time; which kind of received a mixed reactions all over.

In trying to cut product cycle period, Apple might have decided to release the next iPhone 5S in June which is also a time for WWDC. This launch will not only feature next iOS 7 but will also have lot of focus on the hardware aspects.

In addition to the next major iPhone model with retina display, Apple is also working to introduce a cheaper iPhone model without Retina display for emerging Asian markets in countries like India and China. (I haven’t figured out why India and China are still called as emerging markets!)

Introducing cheaper iPhone – which will be an upgrade from iPhone 3GS – might not sound like typically Apple but after enormous competition from Samsung with their wide-range mobile products – I think this will be a good move. People with shorter budgets for a smartphone, at least will have an option from Apple to look forward to.

Launch and shipping dates

Apple reportedly sets iPhone 5S and cheaper iPhone launch date in June

According to the reports floating around, Apple has decided to launch iPhone 5S (or iPhone 6; whatever they call it) with multiple color choices, cheaper iPhone without retina display on June 20, 2013 and this major event will be a part of the WWDC event.

If these reports are to be believed – June 20 seems like a very precise date for an event happening after three months from now. Although, Apple is not unknown for changing event dates until we see official invites for the press.

The shipment for these new iPhone models is said to begin in July 2013; which also means that, we will have iOS 7 announced during WWDC2013 and then released on new devices during shipments in July. Unlike release months of October and September for iOS 5 and iOS 6 respectively.

These reports however do not carry any specific information about launch date for iWatch with curved glass display.

It is very difficult to predict what’s really coming up from Apple. One thing is very sure is that – Apple must accept a challenge to come up with a bigger surprise if they really need to stand high in the smartphone battle.

Update: Leaked document shows iPhone 5S launch on June 20

Leaked document shows iPhone 5S launch on June 20

According to one leaked document from a Japanese carrier KDDI, the next iPhone model which could be iPhone 5S or an iPhone 6 will be launched on June 20th, 2013 and will be available in market by the end of July, 2013.

This newer iPhone will also feature all new iOS 7. Not just that, the document also reveals something about the camera upgrade on iPhone.

Upcoming iPhone model will feature 13MP camera instead of existing 8MP camera.

Such documents and leaked images floating around the Internet can not be verified, especially when it comes to sensitive information such as precise launch dates.

None the less – we’re getting inch closer everyday for sure… 🙂



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