Google Shopping Express launched for Beta testing within San Francisco

We have heard plenty of rumors about Google Shopping Express and how the company is soon planning to compete other market leaders such as Amazon Prime service and up to an extent with eBay.

Well, the rumors are now turning into a reality.

Google has moved their Shopping Express plans to offer same-day delivery for goods; into the Beta testing phase for within the San Francisco Bay Area (in the city of San Francisco, and the Peninsula from San Mateo to San José) as announced on their Google Commerce blog post.

What is Google Shopping Express?

Google Shopping Express is a service designed to help people get their ordered items delivered locally; on the same day after ordering online, at a very low-cost.

We all rely on the web to turn our intentions into actions quickly and easily. From planning a spring break or a trip to the movies to finding the perfect gift for someone we love, the world is increasingly at our fingertips. And over the last few years, we’ve worked hard to bring the speed of the web to the real world. With Google Play, such as, you can now buy or rent movies, books and TV shows in seconds.

Today we’re starting a new experiment, Google Shopping Express. It’s a local delivery service that we hope will make it possible for you to get the items you order online the same day, and at a low cost. It’s incredibly early days and so the service is only available to a small number of people in the Bay Area.

Google Shopping Express launched for Beta testing within San Francisco

Testing Phase

For the beta test phase, Google has tied up with a few retailers such as Target, Staples, Toys R Us, Office Depot and Walgreens.

Testing Google Shopping Express is available for a limited number of people in San Francisco; who will receive a free six-month membership that will allow them to have unlimited products delivered on the same-day – as a part of the service.

You can sign-up on Google Shopping Express website to participate if your location suits to their beta testing.

Google Shopping Express Partners

What’s next?

How Google Shopping Express Works

It just got into the testing phase alright but, it’s going to be a lot bigger purely due to the number of people habitual using Google products over the last few years. Amazon and eBay have been there on the top spot in eCommerce websites and Google don’t want to stay far away from it.

Google is allowing to add product feeds into Google Merchant accounts which already has thousands of products added into it. Its a part of Google Shopping and Google Commerce…. perhaps later, they will end up connecting all these together into a larger shopping portal with in-house, same-day express delivery facility. 🙂

It would surely interest many of us to see, how it develops over the period of time. There is no ETA yet announced about a wider launch of this service.

Keep us updated with your thoughts.


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