Weather plays an important role in planning trips, road trips and more. to decide on packing bags with rain-suits, umbrella or extra sun care. Sounds tiny but extremely important.

Google recently added a weather overlay / layer to Google Maps that displays current weather condition across the globe, from Pune, Mumbai, London, New York to smallest town in the world.

In Google Maps, click on a widget in the upper-right corner and choose the ‘Weather’ to switch-on this new layer.

Google adds Weather overlay to Maps
clubbed two screen-shots in to one

To actually see cloud cover and we need to zoom-out a lot at about where we can see a state-level view than just a city view.

We’ve saw how to get current weather condition of any city through a browser add-on here but this one is a very useful addition to the Google Maps.

The cloud-cover overlay and visualization is courtesy of the U.S. Naval Research Lab. Current weather condition information and local forecast are provided by

Demo Video


This is not yet available on mobile Android, iPhone or other mobile devices as yet.

Enjoy 🙂


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