How many times have I got misguided on local weather forecasts, especially during the Monsoon! I am not sure how many times this has happened to you. I tried several websites to fetch data, including weather information websites of India. But only to get confused in understanding what exactly does this mean to my daily routine!

After installing few add-ons & extensions for my browser, I have now managed to stick to this great tool that displays exactly what you would want to see for a weather update. It is called as 1-ClickWeather. The results are based on The Weather Channel.

This extension is available in Chrome and available as an add-on for Firefox. The results are fairly accurate and are available for most of the Indian cities. The only input we have to feed is:

  • Country
  • Year of Birth
  • Area of Interest: Basic Weather Information / Business Travel / Outdoors / Allergies
  • Default Location:  Enter name of your city & then choose from available city names from the option.


Information for this extension  is easily visible in browser and you get to see latest temperature and sunlight status indications as an Icon. Visible information that you see is shown in your browser with 90 minute delay due to obvious reasons and hence do not consider this as an emergency resource for information.

Clicking on this icon will give you more details including the Satellite map of your region.


I would like to share yesterday’s incident which actually made me think writing this post.

My wife was in Nagpur, India as I wrote this post. It was very cold, cloudy & then rained in Nagpur. So while she was telling me over the phone about this amazing & unlike Nagpur type of weather – I quickly clicked on this extension icon to see the map showing very dense clouds hovering over Nagpur.

I was pleased to see these details & then I promptly replied, “Yes, I can see that on a map & its going to stay the same throughout the day! ” 🙂


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