5 Things Apple should change about iPhone, iPod and iPad

I am an iPhone fan (I guess you too) since the day it was launched in the market 4 years back. It simply changed everything that we thought a mobile phone would be! Some people thought Nokia N95, Navigator or BlackBerry is how a smart phone would look like. Of course, there are plenty of improvements Apple did starting from original iPhone to iPhone 4 and with its iOS.

But iPhone was always on top and a game changer.

Now, for the first time with iPhone 5 we’re expecting iPhone to follow what HTC and Samsung did to their phones using Android. It was the iPhone that made other companies think differently about touch phones, eliminating a keypad entirely, produce clones and lots more.

These companies took this challenge and came up with performing phones but no one has managed to get rich touch experience as iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Apple’s iTunes AppStore too set an example of how mobile applications and games should be available to a user instead letting him search the entire web or depend upon an untrustworthy website to make them available.

Android is great and stealing all the lime-light and then Apple recently announced a whole new iOS 5 with 200+ new features with 1500+ new APIs for app developers to create even innovative apps. This new iOS certainly has some signs of tweaks picked up from Cydia and Android OS.

The reason for success of HTC and Samsung mobile devices is not just one but many aspects and I believe that Apple should change some policies about their mobile devices if they want to really compete in the market because we never know what Samsung will come up with after superb Galaxy 2 or even Motorola after Google taking over.

iOS 5 launch and iPhone 5 release date are coming close so I thought its time to post this which is pending since over a month now.

1] Factory Unlocked iPhones

The first thing they need to change is carrier locked iPhones.

Recently they announced unlocked iPhone 3GS  in India via partner carriers and I think that was a step ahead in the process. But this needs to be done on larger scale worldwide. When customers are allowed to shift their carriers as they want – why would Apple tie us up with any one particular carrier? It’s not accepted in long-term view at all and I think we can pay extra money upfront to get unlocked iPhone. That’s how it should be.

Locked iPhones are becoming irritation because every time a new iOS is released – Apple blocks the jailbreak method and software unlock (Ultrasn0w) developed by jailbreaker community and unlocking an iPhone is becoming a tedious work for developers and the users. It will only become tougher in future.

2] Open-up

I didn’t mean open-source here but yes, though there are new features added in iOS 5, many restrictions are still in place. And that is why Cydia came-in. And jailbreaker community tried removing these restrictions by creating different tweaks, mods, apps etc.

Root level full access to files & folders, file transfer on different non-iOS mobile devices via Bluetooth are a couple of those.

Popular VLC Player was taken down from iTunes AppStore by its developers after detailed review of Apple’s policies.

3] Reduce Developer License Fee

Few days back I made a basic iPhone app to display my blog, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube so that readers can get access to it on their iOS devices etc. I needed a Apple developer account before submitting the app so I went ahead and started the registration process. My bad, I did not check the fees first.

Apple developer license fee is $99 USD per year to submit free or paid app where as Android Market charges one-time fee of only $25 USD. Both of them takes 30% as transaction fee on every (paid) app sold. It clearly shows the huge difference and Apple considering US only developers to register because $99 per year is a lot of price for many countries especially when competition is extremely high on the AppStore. The difference is way too much against the number of possibilities and opportunities available to a developer.

If that was not enough – iOS 5 has built-in features (almost) the same as other paid apps available on AppStore. So, remaining potential customers for these app developers are the people using older iOS device prior to 3GS, iPod Touch 3G. Opportunities taken-away! I really have no clue on how will these devs recover their expenses.

It should be a one-time fee not exceeding $99 to give fair opportunities to many (individual) developers.

4] Super-fast Processor & Super cool Design

I started preparing this post since a long time but then I heard few rumors about new iPhone 5 hardware. The processor has to be a dual-core or even better than Samsung Galaxy S 2 because the only deciding factor still remaining for me to decide on my next phone is the launch of iPhone 5.

iPhone 4 is missing that popular Apple design which has great case material but was badly designed.

5] Provide Adobe Flash Player support

There were many discussions in the past about whether Apple should include Adobe Flash Player or not. Initially, I was on Mr Steve Jobs side when he clarified that, Flash is using too much of the CPU and it will only drain our battery and heat-up the phone very fast. I Agreed.

But now, Adobe has revamped their Flash Player to fit the needs of mobile devices such as Phones, Tablets and Netbooks and they have completely removed CPU acceleration. This should be well fit for any mobile device now.

The time is now so, please bring the Flash support on iOS devices because all of iPhone, iPad competitors did.

Update: Adobe has decided to not support Flash for mobiles, and this makes Apple look lot smarter by not allowing Flash – however, I still think that Flash Player should be available & supported to see some of the websites using it… at least only to those who must need it.


These were my pointers what about you? What more do you think Apple should change about iPhone? What price do you expect for iPhone 5?

Cheers 🙂


  1. Interesting post. Personally, i feel that the iPhone 5 should have a rock solid design rather than a flimsy design like the iPhone 4. After using my SGS, I held my friend’s iPhone 4 and let me tell you, it just didn’t seem all that great. I think it was quite over-hyped. But, I can’t wait for iOS 5 to be released! It’s gonna be amazing, man!Here is my post. Please read & promote. It would be an honour.


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