Google Play Movies is now available in India

In another interesting move, Google made available movie rentals and purchases online through their Play Store in India (and in Mexico)`

This new development is happening four months after Apple extended their iTunes Store Music and movies for more countries, including India.

Google Play Store Movies seems like having lots of Hollywood movie titles however; iTunes had a great amount of Indian content available since the day one of their debut here.

How does it work?

It’s very simple & streamlined well into the Play Store – just like what we saw when Google Books was made available a few days ago. Our US readers might find it unusual to read about this stuff since they were enjoying the complete version of Google Play since day one.

Google Play Movies is now available in India

Once you’re into Google Play Store website, go to Movies section and pick the movie title you want to rent or purchase. Prices for rentals and buying a movie have a clear mention on each movie listing.

You can also get the Google Play Movies app for mobile device so that you can rent, watch or download movies right from the mobile device itself. HD quality videos are also available on supported devices.

Downloading and watching movies is very simple to follow and does not need any special skills to do so. All movies are provided with a trailer

Movie Rentals and Purchases

Google Play Movies is now available in India

Cost for movie rentals and purchases vary as per the video quality and movie titles. SD quality movie rentals are starting at Rs. 80 and above while SD video purchases starts at Rs. 120. In case of HD videos – the cost is approximately thrice more.

Rented movies can be watched within one month from the date of order (Rental Grant Period) and can be watched for / within up to full 48 hours (Rental Active Period)

It’s absolutely joyful to see such content is getting visibility in India and competition is now getting healthy. It would be of interesting to see more Indian content on such stores and this certainly will encourage people to produce competitive and quality content to be able to make great sales through these new digital mediums.

It’s a matter of time.


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