How to Hide Calls log and SMS Conversations on Android

Getting our data encrypted is a very important and when it comes to our smartphones, which carries a lot of personal & sensitive information then – it becomes crucial task. Like many, you may also be using passwords or pattern lock on your Android device to keep your information protected.

OR you might also have installed antivirus apps to provide a neat firewall protection to your device. But what about the personal attacks? What about new vulnerabilities where people can actually access your mobile data?

Pattern locks or passwords can surely protect our smartphone from being used. But what about hiding your personal conversations, text messages or call logs? Should you feel the need to protect these if you allow someone to use your phone?

The simple answer to this question is, install an app and then apply a password for the SMS and Call Logs apps. Now if someone doesn’t know the password for these protected logs – then s/he cannot see the personal conversation.

Recently, I came to know about this Shady Contacts app. The problem with above method was that I had to type passwords again and again. This became a really hectic process after a point.


Quick Solution – Shady Contacts

Here is the simplest solution for your privacy related problem on Android smartphone. Yes, the problem is solved by using this Shady Contacts app, through which you can easily encrypt any conversation on your smartphone.

Shady Contacts

You can easily hide communication with a particular contact and then no one will be able to see them. So you don’t need to lock your smartphone to keep your conversations or call logs strictly private.

It creates pattern lock or password lock for any particular contact & its call logs or text conversation. The lock gets instantly activated as soon as you quit that specific log.


Installing and activating this app is very simple and it will take a couple of minutes out of your valuable time. Follow these simple steps to install and activate the app on your smartphone,

  1. Download Shady Contacts the app from Google Play store and install it.
  2. Open it and create a unique pattern lock or password lock. You can keep this lock different from your smartphone one to add an extra layer of security.
  3. Select the contacts you need to make the stuff private from. You can either select a contact from call logs, the phone book or you can add a new contact as well.
  4. After selecting one contact and creating its entries (name and phone number) then form a match and a notification method. You can choose from the options available.
  5. Remove the app’s shortcut from the widget area and home screen so that no one knows about it. (Top Agency Secret-type, eh?)
  6. Repeat 3 and 4th step for another secret mission 🙂

Once you are done with the setup, then the app functions almost automatically and you don’t need to configure anything else.

I think this is the simplest and best way to keep the conversation and call logs personal, isn’t it?


How to Hide Calls log and SMS Conversations on Android

Added Security Feature

Now if someone tries to get access to the conversation or call log which you made private then, the complete information gets deleted automatically after wrong passwords are entered several times. That’s horrible, but then it is worth it for your top, invaluable secret mission – isn’t it?

Alternative Apps

That was just one app, you may also try these alternative apps to hide SMS or contacts on your Android phone. We’ll keep the list updated.

Keep Safe – Hide SMS, private text vault app: This seems to be one of the most popular apps on Google Play Store to protect messages and pictures from others and it’s free too.

Hope you like it – do share if you know of any app you’re already using to hide your text messages, pictures or other conversations on an Android device.


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