Google Translate can now be used offline on Android devices

Google just announced a very handy solution to their Google Translate app on Android, for translating into many languages without the need of Internet.

All we have to is – select “offline languages” from the menu which will prompt us to download the needed language package from the Play Store.

We will need at least two different packs selected to be able to carry out translations in offline-mode between those selected languages.

Of course, we would require Internet connection for downloading these translation packages once. But, later when we’re travelling or are stuck with a very low-speed Internet – this would make a lot of sense.

These packages are not as comprehensive as the ones available online however; they are good enough for using it offline.

You will need to update Google Translate to its latest version. 50 languages are supported at the moment for offline use on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and above.

Google Translate can now be used offline on Android devices

There are no updates on availability this new feature of Google Translate for iOS

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