GoSquared: Get Live, Real-Time Stats for Website or Blog

Stats counter, Hit-counter for website is an old thing. Some people are still using those old stat-counters which sometime do get blocked by Antivirus softwares assuming them as bad tracking cookies. Then what’s the point in using such systems that might even stop visitors or potential buyers from accessing your website?

Google Analytics, a sophisticated and the most popular way to track website visitors. But getting real-time stats on Google Analytics is tricky and inconvenient. It gets updated after 24 hours mostly everyday at 12.30pm IST (7am GMT) like it does on CloudFlare’s free account. Even services like CloudFlare offer 15 minute delay on Pro accounts so that it can collect information & sync it together before we see them.

We have also seen how to get real-time stats from Google Analytics on iPhone with Quicklytics app which works the best & I’m almost addicted to it. Quicklytics is as good as about the topic I am writing below on certain levels.

But with GoSquared LiveStats, it’s almost like WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). We can actually see who’s coming on the site, on which page, from which location in the World including the referring websites, search keywords and more.

GoSquared also tells us about the pages one particular user has browsed on the website on different days, so we can understand what they’re looking for on the website. Lets not forget that there are real people reading our website, these people can be your potential customers.

What is GoSquared?

Read this blog post on Liquidicity on How to Improve your Website using GoSquared.

Web analytics is about more than just tables and charts. GoSquared is about helping you improve your website. GoSquared gives you the most useful, accurate information in real-time, presented beautifully and intuitively.

Real-time web applications that are a pleasure to use. Web apps that enable you to learn who, why, how, where from, and for how long people visit your site. You don’t run a website to spend hours analysing tables of traffic stats.

GoSquared helps you spend less time analysing, so you can respond and improve now. Not tomorrow.

It is simple to set-up just like we would setup Google Analytics code on our website or blog, There are WordPress, Drupal & other CMS plugins available incase you don’t know how to insert this code.


  • Top Content: See which content on your blog or website is popular right now. See what works immediately without waiting.
  • Referrers: Has someone like TechCrunch or ZDNet just linked your article? No more guessing game about it. See the link for real
  • Searches: See which search keywords are people using to come to your website
  • Twitter: See how your website content is placed or trending on Twitter or other Social Media
  • Individuals: Don’t just see the charts, tables and text. See people behind it.
  • Map: See website visitors around the world on a map. It also shows whether it is Day or Night time on the map.
  • Trends: See all compiled charts & tables data with different filters with a long-term trend including today
  • Alerts: You can set email alerts for extraordinary spikes in the traffic or too low traffic to keep you in the loop. This helps pin-pointing the topic whether it is popularity or a server issue.
  • Color Code: Easy to see where the traffic is coming from. Green if referred, Red if from search engines and Blue if coming directly from address bar or a bookmark.


These are two screenshots from my dashboard for TechZoom.Org


Yes, pricing! Unfortunately, “Good things on the Internet are Free” is partly applicable for this service. Website tracking for Free account is limited to 1 website & 10,000 page views per month. And the other plans starts at $9.99 per month for 150,000 page views, 3 websites and so on.


I registered myself there to test this service and I am totally impressed. I would have liked it more if the pricing was even less. But its worth it when It’s like putting the website on different level for knowing, understanding the visitors. The dashboard is a superb design & feels like we’re on a spaceship tracking life on the space 🙂

Important Update: Real Time Google Analytics

Since the day Google started showing real-time stats in Google Analytics – I no longer use GoSquared. However, in these many days they might are offering more features. If you’re looking for an alternative to Google Analytics then you should read more details on GoSquared Website



  1. Hi Tushar,

    Thanks very much for such a glowing review of GoSquared – we very much appreciate your kind words.

    We’re constantly working hard to take GoSquared to the next level. If anyone’s been using us for a while they may be interested to see the updates we brought out last week in our version 3.2 update:

    Thanks again, and if anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me.




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