Google recently started serving real-time statistics for websites. These include a lot of elements such as keyword, referring website, landing page URLs, visitor location, total number of views per minute and more.

Earlier, when this was not possible in Google Analytics – there was a work around to do this by setting up current date to filter reports. Ah, that is a lot of work for someone like me who likes to see a Google Analytics stat for my as well as client websites.

Now, since the smartphone market for iOS and Android is growing at a tremendous pace – I decided to search for an app that can nicely display Google Analytics data on my iPhone.

And voilà! I found a perfect app for iPhone called – Quicklytics (Quick + Analytics)

What is Quicklytics?

Quicklytics, is a well designed app & offers comprehensive Google Analytics data in real-time on iPhone or iPad.  All we need to do is: Log into the Google Analytics account through this app and then Quicklytics automatically creates paginated sections for each website property.

Well, it’s one of the simplest & the fastest way to view real-time Google Analytics data on any iOS device. Within a few seconds, you can browse through visitor information for multiple websites without leaving the app. Everything is right there at a tap of a finger.

What information can you see?

Quicklytics can display lot many important numbers we could imagine. The latest version also includes e-commerce goals. Quicklytics provide all the below mentioned information in real-time!

  • Referring Sites
  • Keywords
  • Campaigns
  • Top Content, Top Landing Pages, Top Exit Pages,
  • Site Search usage, Site Search Keywords
  • Affiliations
  • Event categories (Outgoing links)
  • Total Conversions, Total Goals Value
  • Total Transactions, Revenue,
  • Revenue per transaction, Revenue per visit,
  • SKU performance, Categorized product performance
  • New vs Returning visitors
  • Connection speeds, Operating System, Service Providers
  • Visitor Country, State, City
  • Unique visits, Page-views and lots more!
Get Real-Time Google Analytics Stats on iPhone with Quicklytics

Price & Link

This beautiful looking and very useful app is priced at $4.99 (Earlier it was available for $1.99) due to many newly added features. But it’s really worth it who understands the importance of these stats.

You can download Quicklytics (Google Analytics App for iPhone)

Quicklyics Demo Video


It’s a must have app for all the webmasters, website owners and Bloggers to get real-time stats on their iPhones. It’s so good that, I use it at least 5 to 10 times a day. Hope you like it. Do share your views through comments.



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