Imaging Or No Imaging: Why Do Some Locations Bar Image-Ready Drones?

If you ask people what their favorite part of owning a drone is, then you would get a lot of answers. Perhaps the most common would be the ability to capture images and videos from the air. Whether you think it’s fun or you plan on using the footage for a video or project, being able to take aerial footage without a helicopter or other expensive setup is amazing. While many dronethusiasts love having image-ready drones, they are getting banned in more and more areas. Here are a few reasons why.

Lack of Privacy

The truth is that most drone owners are responsible and very aware and concerned with privacy. You know you shouldn’t be flying your drone in areas with lots of people, especially on beaches or in compromised locations. That’s just common sense. The problem is that not everyone understands this, and the ability to violate privacy is so easy with a drone.

Not only are people often unaware that they are being recorded by a drone, but they may not even notice it near them. You could easily record someone doing something potentially private and embarrassing without them knowing about it. This potential is enough to get people angry, which has led to the trend of banning image-ready drones in certain areas.

Potential for Harm

This might seem a little farfetched at first, but it’s possible and very realistic. Image-ready drones can be used by terrorists and other illegal elements to facilitate in harm or other criminal activities. They can be used to easily track police or targets, and can even carry packages from one area to another without detection.

Focusing solely on image-ready drones, you should be able to see why this can be an issue. Imagine hearing that a terrorist plot was facilitated through the use of drones and the video they captured, or that a hitman was using a drone to track his or her target. It’s easy to see how they can be used, and this potential for harm gets people and law enforcement worried for obvious reasons.

This currently has not become an issue, but it doesn’t take much to see the possible problems of the wrong people using these types of drones.

Distracting and Capturing Harmful Images

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns is that drone users will interfere with first responders, firefighters and law enforcement as these people attempt to do their job. If you were using a drone in an area with a fire or accident, then wouldn’t you be curious about what’s going on? Wouldn’t you want to capture footage of an emergency as it’s in progress?

There are a few problems with this. Your drone may get in the way. It can distract workers as they are attempting to save someone’s life, or they may malfunction near the high heat of fires and fall from the sky. You may also capture video that improperly displays an event, which can have grave consequences for everyone involved.


As a drone owner, you love flying your drone all over the place. For those who don’t own a drone, they can be annoying. You don’t want to be recorded as you’re going about your day, and you don’t want to hear the drone around you as you’re trying to enjoy yourself. For this reason alone, communities are banning image-ready drones to keep people from getting annoyed.


Image-ready drones are amazing and can still be used in many areas. While it’s easy to see why they are being banned, it’s annoying for drone owners as it limits where they can get footage. Just remember to stay aware of the location’s laws and be courteous to anyone in the vicinity.